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XI Fly High (フライハイ, Furai Hai?) is the Dragoon SP2 ability in Final Fantasy XI. It resets the recast timers on all Jump abilities and for the next 30 seconds, Jump abilities recast timers are only ten seconds instead of their normal duration.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, the Dragoon SP2 ability was intended to be Rouse Wyvern (ラウズワイバーン, Rauzu Wibān?, lit. Rouse Wyvern), which would have recovered the player's wyvern's HP and removed negative status effects as well as strengthened the wyvern's breath attacks. The intended concept was that this ability would be a counterpart to Spirit Surge – where Spirit Surge focused on strengthening the master, Rouse Wyvern would focus on strengthening the pet. However, players regarded Rouse Wyvern as being too weak, so Rouse Wyvern was scrapped due to player feedback.

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