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Fly is a family of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Large dragonflies are pervasive in any place with enough water to support them. These flies have developed a number of abilities, including a potent natural poison and a crude control of the water element. Over time certain members of the family have branched out to more arid locales, including the Attohwa Chasm and Meriphataud Mountains. Despite these dry conditions, the flies are able to retain sufficient water content to attack their predators with their water-based attacks.

Their massive wings can be used by crafters to create various items, and the flies of Valkurm Dunes are sometimes hunted as a test for low-level adventurers looking for the parasitic Damselfly Worm for their sub-job quest. One of the more notorious monsters in Vana'diel, Valkurm Emperor, is a member of this family and can be spotted at times in the dunes as well.

Fly FFXI Art

Concept art of a Fly.

Beastmater Pets Edit

Special Attacks Edit

  • Cursed Sphere: AoE Dark damage.
  • Debilitating Drone: Random stat down.
  • Somersault: Single target damage.
  • Venom: Cone Attack Water damage and Poison.


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