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The Fluorgis area.

Quaint shops and age-old houses line the streets of Fluorgis. Beyond the city, ruins of once mighty fortresses stand watch over the wilderness.

Fluorgis is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, and the first location to be explored on the continent of Ordalia. It is one of the largest cities in Jylland and includes one of the area's two aerodromes. North of the airship docks lies Cannol Keep and Diegnot Fortress, abandoned castles of times past. Fluorgis itself is a lush city filled with greenery and fountains whose waters run past bartering stalls and fruit stands.



Filled with fountains and greenery, the lively city of Fluorgis thrives as a hub of air trade.

Fluorgis AerodromeEdit

Ivalice's first aerodrome, built soon after the invention of the airship. It's a gateway for all manner of goods from throughout Ivalice.

Diegnot FortressEdit

Not far to the north of Fluorgis lies Diegnot Fortress. Her once proud walls have long since crumbled into ruin.

Cannol KeepEdit

Named after the famed gria general, the ruins of this holdfast are the grandest for many leagues.

Random encounterEdit

  • A Hard Place
Docile in appearance, these creatures fiercely attack those who stray too close.
Forbidden: Grouping

Cannol West BarbicanEdit

The western gate of Cannol Keep. They said none would breach its massive doors, and indeed, it stood fast even as the keep proper fell.


Sant D'alsa HighroadEdit

This road leads to Sant D'alsa Bluff. Airship after airship pass by overhead, receding noiselessly into the distance.

Aisenfield HighroadEdit

This road leads southeast to Aisenfield. Who can count the songs sung of heroes who set out along this very highway?

Tramdine TrailEdit

This road leads east into Tramdine Fens. These days its traffic numbers more beasts than men.


  • Watch Your Step
  • Fluorgis Cup
  • Ordalia Cup
  • Champions' Cup
  • Flown the Coop
  • A Chill in the Night
  • Wanted: Artillery
  • The Show's Not Over
  • Kidnapping!?
  • A Lanista's Pride
  • Cake: The Recipe
  • Cake: The Ingredients
  • Rude Awakening
  • Drowsy Draught
  • Cleaning to Loar
  • Ordalia Airships Grounded
  • Stowaways
  • Fluorgis Nightwatch
  • Shaved Ice

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