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Flowering Cactuar is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII found in the Salamandrine Path (D2) in the Faultwarrens.


After engaging a Flowering Cactuar in battle, it will instantly use the Parting Dance ability and unleash a furious combo that may include Firaga, Blizzaga, Waterga, and Quake. Failure to pacify it before the combo ends will result in the use of its Adieu ability, which allows it to flee the battle.


The easiest way to defeat the group of them, especially when they are in five, is summoning Fang's Bahamut immediately when the battle starts. The player should quickly activate the Gestalt Mode and hit the Flowering Cactuars with Hunting Dive until they are staggered, then use Megaflare to finish them without allowing them to flee. Since Bahamut's damage is uncapped, this is also a good strategy to get the "Limit Breaker" achievement/trophy before being able to obtain the Genji Glove. It's best to equip the Growth Egg accessory to make the CP increase to 75,000 when fighting five of them.


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