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Floateye - Status

Floateye using Devil Gaze.

Eyeball with wings and a nasty gaze attack.
—In-Game Description

Floateyes in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are blue spherical monsters who can cause various status effects with their single eye. They also have a pair of wings to fly over other units on the battlefield. Although their mobility and Speed scores are high, they are rather fragile creatures. Floateyes are related to the Ahriman monster.

Abilities Edit

Gaze Edit

Floateye command. Shoot evil from eye.

Skill Effect MP Use
Stare* Fearsome gaze. Confuses all units facing the caster with 100% Accuracy. 12
Devil Gaze Gaze Silences and inflicts Darkness in an area two spaces in front of the Floateye. N/A

* Denotes a Blue Magic skill.

Reaction Edit

Skill Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.

Support Edit

Skill Effect
Weapon Def+ Reduces damage from weapon attacks.

Appearances Edit

Missions Edit

Mission Name Information
Mission #045: Frosty Mage The Black Mage here has one Floateye crony.
Mission #050: Staring Eyes Two Floateyes and an Ahriman will swoop down from Cyril's rooftops to confront your units.
Mission #005: Twisted Flow The Totema Famfrit will summon two Floateyes and two Ahrimans to help him guard his crystal.
Mission: With Babus The specter of Queen Remedi calls a Floateye and Ahriman to fight against Marche and Babus.

Clan Encounters Edit

Home Base Clan Name Information
Aisenfield Aisen Ghosts A Floateye is one of the three non-undead enemies in this clan.
Materiwood Lost Monsters The Floateye's wings allow it to expertly maneuver around its vertically inconsistent home base.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

Floateye TCG

Floateye appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with a wind-elemental card.

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