The flintlock supports his allies with magickally charged cannon actions.

Flintlock (魔砲士, Mahōshi?, lit. Magic Gunner) is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, usable by moogles only. Like the Fusilier, they can attack enemies from far away. Flintlocks use magic cannons which have a wide range, and are primarily used for support abilities such as Cure Cannon, which heals the unit as well as removes any status effects. However, they are also capable of offensive abilities such as Ether Boost.

Unlike the similar Cannoneer job, Flintlocks have to use their Prime ability before they can use any of their other abilities, slowing them down and making them vulnerable to units that can dispel their Prime before they get a chance to use it, particularly by Werewolves. Though underused compared to the Cannoneer and slightly hard to utilize effectively due to the need to use Prime before other Ballistics abilities, Flintlocks can bestow buffs like Protect, Shell, and Regen and can even teleport a target to a random tile, making up for their Priming delay.


To unlock the Flintlock, the player must complete the "Of Kupos and Cannons" mission. To use the job, a character must master two Tinker A-Abilities and two Fusilier A-Abilities.


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Hand-cannons Hats Light Armor No

Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
3 3 0 10 60 E D D E E E 52%



FLINTLOCKS use these skills to imbue shells with the power of their magicks.

  • All ballistics abilities require a hand-cannon and work off the magick stat.
Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Prime Hand Cannon Self 100 10
Infuse cannon with MP. Enables ballistic attacks. Requires: Hand-cannon
Cure Cannon Omnis Cannon Weapon range 250
Use the primed cannon to remove debuffs and restore HP to the target. Requires: Hand-cannon
Protect Cannon Diklum Weapon range 250
Use the prime cannon to place PROTECT and REGEN on the target. Requires: Hand-cannon
Shell Cannon Ligatur Weapon range 250
Use the prime cannon to place SHELL and REGEN on the target. Requires: Hand-cannon
Ether Cannon Brevis Weapon range 500
Use the primed cannon to restore MP to the target. Requires: Hand-cannon
Teleport Cannon Guang Cannon Weapon range 450
Use the primed cannon to teleport the target to a random location. Requires: Hand-cannon
Ether Boost Massive Bazooka Weapon range 350
Use the primed cannon to attack to the target. Requires: Hand-cannon
Blowback Dromaeo Weapon range 400
Sacrifice the user's HP launch a devastating attack. Requires: Hand-cannon


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Blur Fortune Ring Avoid hand-cannon and gun-based basic attacks. 150


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Charged Attacks Supernal Ray Attacks consume MP, but deal additional damage. 150


  • Compared to Cannoneers, Flintlocks are better in offense and resilience rather than vitality. But they lack efficient offensive A-Abilities.
  • One may prefer to have a Flintlock to equip Fairy Shoes and move to a very high place that's inaccessible for melee attackers. Equipping Flintlocks with Gunmanship A-Ability may help turn the tide of battle effectively.
  • Plus, since Flintlocks are highly resilient, they are almost invulnerable if equipped together with Block Arrows or Blur against rowdy debuff affectors. They are still susceptible to magickal attacks though.



  • Ryōma Itō, the game's character designer, said that the design for the Flintlock was inspired by the British Royal Guard, in an interview about creating the artwork for the classes.