The Flamehound, also known as the Flame Dog, FlameDog, or Fiery Hound, is an enemy from Final Fantasy IV.



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It is a dangerous enemy due to its high Attack power and potent Scorch ability, which damages all party members with a blast of fire. It's not recommended encountering near Agart immediately after getting the Enterprise. The Flamehound appears in the Tower of Zot as a Monster-in-a-box enemy, but it can also attack solo or in pairs at the Tower of Babil. When confronting two of these beasts at a time, it is best to bring out strong magic such as Blizzaga or Shiva, or simply run before the party is overwhelmed by a double dose of Scorch.

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PFF Flamehound

Flamehound from Final Fantasy IV appears as an enemy in Pictlogica Final Fantasy.

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Flamehound Brigade
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