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The First Battle of Mysidia is the opening event of Final Fantasy IV and a turning point in main protagonist Cecil Harvey's career in service for the King of Baron in the Red Wings.


The King of Baron has decided to use the his Kingdom's unmatched military power to collect the eight Crystals. Possessing the Water Crystal and having little power to speak of, Mysidia becomes the first target in the campaign.

According to participating soldiers the raid was more a massacre than an actual battle. The assault is led by Dark Knight Cecil Harvey, who together with his troops march towards the crystal room and slaughter whoever gets in the way. The Mysidians offer no resistance and appear helpless facing the Red Wings, and the Elder of Mysidia is forced to surrender the Water Crystal in order to stop the senseless slaughter of his mages. Once having obtained their spoils of war the Red Wings depart for Baron Castle.


Many soldiers are disillusioned by the order to slaughter innocent people. Although Cecil himself is puzzled about the King's order, he does his best to justify the raid to his soldiers and only privately questions the King's intentions. Accepting not even the slightest doubt in his leadership, the King strips Cecil of his rank.

The raid brings about a rapid end of the 150-year-old security treaty between the two nations. The Elder of Mysidia responds to the aggression by sealing off the Devil's Road, cutting off all fast contact between Mysidia and Baron.


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