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FFMQ Fireburg

Fireburg on the world map.

Fireburg (フェイリア, Feiria?) is a town from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest located in the Northwest quadrant of the World Map. It is the hometown of Reuben, and is constantly being hit by earthquakes until Benjamin frees the Crystal of Fire. The music in Fireburg is a more upbeat version of the music for the other three towns.

Fireburg is the first town where the player may freely buy Seeds, needed for restoring MP.

Shops Edit

Two sellers are located within the Hotel, and the explosives seller is right next to it outside.

Name Cost
Cure Potion 25 GP
Seed 50 GP
Explosives 10 GP

A weapon can be bought at the house in the southwest corner of Fireburg.

Name Cost
Battle Axe 500 GP

Warp Panels Edit

Warp Panel Image Located Warp To
Gemini FFMQ Gemini Warp Panel House in the southwest corner Aquaria
Mobius FFMQ Mobius Warp Panel Arion's friend's house Windia

Treasure Edit

  • 3x Heal Potions
  • 3x Refreshers
  • Multi-Key (receive from Tristam)

Gallery Edit

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