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Finnath Creek

A random battle.

The Thealia Peaks reach 6,000 dohms in height. The water flowing down them is frigid even in midsummer.

The Finnath Creek, also known as Finath River (フィナス河, Finasu-gawa?) is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is located between the Free City of Bervenia and Zeltennia Castle. As Ramza Beoulve attempted to cross the river, he was attacked by a group of wild chocobos. He managed to defeat the chocobos, and continued to Zeltennia in search of Cidolfus Orlandeau.

Technically every battle here is "random", as the enemies have no one set formation and their levels are dependent on the party's. However, during the one storyline battle here, the enemies are always Chocobos, Black Chocobos, Red Chocobos, and Pigs.

Battle information Edit

Finnath Creek Edit

Random Battle at Finnath Creek
Finath River OH
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Possible enemies Terrain Soil, River, Grassland, Gravel, Stone Outcropping, Tree
Geomancy Sinkhole, Torrent, Tanglevine, Contortion, Tremor
Hidden items

Gallery Edit

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