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FFVII Limit Break Cloud Finishingtouch

Finishing Touch in Final Fantasy VII.

A limit skill that inflicts a variety of status effects.
—Description, Final Fantasy Tactics.

Finishing Touch (画竜点睛, Garyō Tensei?), also known as Finish Touch, is a recurring ability in the series linked to Cloud Strife. It originally appeared as a Limit Break for him in Final Fantasy VII. During the attack Cloud swings his sword to create a twister.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Finishing Touch is Cloud's second-to-last Limit Break, learned after using Meteorain six times. It inflicts instant death to all enemies, and for enemies immune to instant death, it will inflict damage equal to 3.125 times normal damage.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit

Cloud uses an attack similar to Finishing Touch during his battle against Kadaj in Midgar. Kadaj jumps up, and Cloud assembles his Fusion Swords into a single sword and spins it around his head. Unlike in the game there is no tornado, just a distortion in the air. He drops the Fusion Swords to his side and it begins to glow blue. When Kadaj comes back down Cloud catches him on the flat of his sword, holds him there for a second, and then hurls him over the edge.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Finishing Touch (called Finish Touch in the original PlayStation release) is an ability exclusive to the Soldier class, which is exclusive to Cloud. It takes 670 JP to learn, has a range of 3 tiles, effect of 2, and a speed of 20. It has the ability to either inflict KO, Stone, or Stop.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

This... is it!
—Cloud using Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch is a Bravery to HP attack for Cloud, which can only be used while on the ground and chains from Sonic Break. It takes 40 CP (20 when mastered) to equip, 300 AP to master, and can induce Wall Rush.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Finishing Touch returns as a Bravery to HP attack, now requiring 30 CP (15 when mastered) to equip and 120 AP to master. It retains all other effects from the previous game.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Cloud's cards is able to use Finishing Touch. For the discard of a Cloud card, Dulling Cloud, and paying one Light CP, Finishing Touch allows the player to select one Forward and deal it damage equal to Cloud's Power.


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