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FFX Demo Title

The title screen.

Final Fantasy X Playable Demo is the demo of Final Fantasy X released along with the PAL PlayStation port of Final Fantasy VI, and it also was included in the 36th Demo Compilation from the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (this DVD was released in some PlayStation Magazines around the world).

Although the demo contains Save Spheres, saving the game is disabled. The Save Spheres can still be used for restoring HP and MP. Accessing the menu is disabled, so the player can't change equipment or advance the characters through Sphere Grid. The player gains AP from battles and can even learn new Overdrive Modes, but these can't be utilized due to the blocked off menu.


Ffx intro

Intro screen.

The demo has two scenarios from the beginning of the game, the scene where Dream Zanarkand gets destroyed and Tidus and Auron fight Sinspawn, and a scenario on Besaid Island where Tidus is with Yuna and her guardians. The demo opens with the FMV where Sin destroys Zanarkand. Afterward, Tidus meets up with Auron and the two fight against Sinspawn until they get sucked into Sin.

FFX Demo Tidus vs Kimahri

Tidus battles Kimahri.

Tidus finds himself on Besaid Island with Yuna, Lulu and Wakka in his party. He walks along the path only to run into a battle against Kimahri, who joins them. Next the player faces fixed battles against Garudas that teach how to use Yuna's aeons and Wakka's skills. When reaching the beach the party boards the S.S. Liki and the demo ends.

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