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This timeline lists all events that transpire in Final Fantasy XV. It follows the A.E./M.E. dating system, but what these stand for is unknown.

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  • Mysterious beings create Eos. The Astrals participate in the world's creation and become gods themselves.[1]


  • Ifrit betrays the prosperous nation of Solheim. This leads to the Great War of Old.
  • Solheim falls after a mysterious parasite massacres its populace.
  • The first Oracle is chosen from the Fleuret family.
  • The first king is chosen from the Lucis Caelum family. He is granted the Crystal and Ring of the Lucii.
  • Lucis, Tenebrae, Niflheim, and Accordo are created.

M.E. 1Edit

  • The four nations of Eos elect to use the same calendar system.

M.E. 358Edit

  • Niflheim declares war on other countries to expand its territory.

M.E. 359Edit

  • Niflheim conquers Tenebrae, save for the Fenestala Manor, within which dwells the Fleuret family.

M.E. 605Edit

  • Lucis and Accordo team up to confront the empire. They are defeated, and Accordo is annexed.

M.E. 606Edit

  • The king of Lucis raises the Wall for the first time.

M.E. 723Edit

  • Niflheim begins to build its magitek infantry in preparation for war with Lucis.

M.E. 725Edit

  • The war between Niflheim and Lucis begins.

M.E. 729Edit

M.E. 732Edit

M.E. 733Edit

M.E. 734Edit

M.E. 736Edit

M.E. 741Edit

  • The Crystal chooses Noctis to save the world.

M.E. 744Edit

  • The eight-year-old Noctis is attacked by daemons and suffers a serious injury. He receives medical care in Tenebrae and befriends Lunafreya, the Oracle's daughter.
  • The Fenestala Manor is attacked and conquered by Niflheim. King Regis rescues Noctis and takes him back to Insomnia.
  • Queen Sylva Nox Fleuret, an Oracle, is killed.

M.E. 745Edit

  • Shiva awakens and is defeated by Niflheim.

M.E. 746Edit

M.E. 748Edit

  • Lunafreya becomes the next Oracle.

M.E. 756Edit

  • King Regis agrees to an offer of peace from Niflheim. He sends Noctis to Altissia to wed Lunafreya.
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