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This page details the timeline of Final Fantasy XV. The dating system is dubbed "M.E." (similar to the real world's BC/AD calendar system), although its exact meaning is currently unknown.[1]

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Timeline Edit

Genesis Edit

  • At the world's beginning, mysterious beings descended upon and made Eos, the world of Final Fantasy XV. The Astrals were key parts of that creation. They would come to be considered a race on their own with their own will and intelligence, divorced from human affairs.[2]

"Antiquity" Edit

  • According to legends in Lucis, the deities of Eos granted the Crystal and its corresponding Ring of the Lucii to their people in a time of antiquity: the power to wield the Crystal's magic through the Ring was granted to the Caelum bloodline.[1]

732 Edit

733 Edit

734 Edit

735 Edit

741-744 Edit

  • Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV / Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV
    • Noctis suffers from a monster attack. While his father Regis fights off the monster, Noctis himself is in a coma from his injuries.
    • Noctis enters a dreamworld where he is guided to safety by Carbuncle, despite an unknown force conjuring an Iron Giant to stop him.
    • During his recuperation, Noctis forms a close bond with Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. Returning to Lucis, Regis realizes to his sorrow that Noctis has been chosen by "the stars" to fulfil a great destiny.

756 Edit

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