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Balthier ffxiirwBalthier: I'm afraid the jury's still out on that one.
This article is about a title that's still to be released. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change. Please look over our policy for updating articles covering upcoming games before editing this page.

Final Fantasy XI Reboot is an upcoming mobile remake of Final Fantasy XI, originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002. The mobile game was announced in March 2015 as Final Fantasy XI Mobile as a part of the Vana'diel Project. The game is being developed by Korean company Nexon.

On 27 April, 2016, Nexon unveiled the first screenshots of the mobile game, titled as Final Fantasy XI Reboot, at the Nexon Developer Conference, featuring what appears to be a redesigned Windurst and Sarutabaruta. It was revealed that the reboot runs on Unreal Engine 4.


On March 19, 2015, Square Enix announced the mobile remake of Final Fantasy XI at a special press conference.



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