To a battlefield ruled by death and chaos, comes a legend foretold....The Champions of the Dawn!
Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Game Trailer

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess is the fourth expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI. The expansion is based in Vana'diel's past and offers new jobs. This marks the return of time travel in the Final Fantasy series; this plot point had originally been introduced as early as in Final Fantasy and was used again in Final Fantasy VIII.

Service for Wings of the Goddess commenced on November 22, 2007 (JST).


Much of the story occurs in the era of the Crystal War, twenty years in the past. The Adventurer first enters through a mysterious portal called a "Cavernous Maw" (which strongly resembles Atomos) in one of the areas surrounding Jeuno. After a short cutscene involving a mysterious "Regal Feline", you appear in an area two decades in the past, lying unconscious on the ground. You later meet with the Regal Feline, whom claims to want to lessen the pain of the era you have fallen into - the infamous Crystal War era.

The main Missions in Wings of the Goddess are being released gradually via patches. The final set of missions is scheduled for December 2010, just over three years after its release.

New AdditionsEdit

Job ClassesEdit

  • Dancer: A profession that was popular during the Great War, Dancers take to the front lines, dagger in hand, weaving forbidden magicks through the divinity of dance, weakening enemies and aiding fellow combatants in battle. It is the main job class of focal character Lilisette.
  • Scholar: The profession of military tacticians during the Crystal War, Scholars are adept and switching between expertise in Light and Dark magic through the use of the ancient magical tome augmented with military strategies known as the Grimoire.


This list does not include reskinned enemies of the same genus or unique bosses.


New RegionsEdit

The Ronfaure Front

  • Southern San d'Oria [S]
  • East Ronfaure [S]
  • Everbloom Hollow

The Norvallen Front

  • Batallia Downs [S]
  • Jugner Forest [S]
  • La Vaule [S]
  • The Eldieme Necropolis [S]

The Gustaberg Front

  • Bastok Markets [S]
  • North Gustaberg [S]
  • Grauberg [S]
  • Ruhotz Silvermines

The Derfland Front

  • Rolanberry Fields [S]
  • Pashhow Marshlands [S]
  • Vunkerl Inlet [S]
  • Beadeaux [S]
  • Crawlers' Nest [S]

The Sarutabaruta Front

  • Windurst Waters [S]
  • West Sarutabaruta [S]
  • Fort Karugo-Narugo [S]
  • Ghoyu's Reverie

The Aragoneu Front

  • Sauromugue Champaign [S]
  • Meriphataud Mountains [S]
  • Garlaige Citadel [S]
  • Castle Oztroja [S]

The Fauregandi Front

  • Beaucedine Glacier [S]

The Valdeaunia Front

  • Xarcabard [S]
  • Castle Zvahl Baileys [S]
  • Castle Zvahl Keep [S]
  • Throne Room [S]

The Threshold

  • Walk of Echoes

Gameplay SystemsEdit

Listed in order of implementation.

  • Campaign
  • Campaign Battle
  • Campaign Ops
  • Sandworm Battlefields
  • Stronghold NM System
  • Moblin Maze Mongers
  • Allied Notes NM Battles
  • Succor to the Sidhe
  • Voidwalker NM System
  • Walk of Echoes
  • Voidwatch
  • Meeble Burrows


FFIXcoa ost

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Original Soundtrack.

Wings of the Goddess introduces new music for battles and areas featured in the expansion. All tracks are composed and arranged by Naoshi Mizuta, with many of them being gradually introduced together with version updates.

With Wings of the Goddess installed, the track "Wings of the Goddess" replaces "Vana'diel March" in the title screen. It reverts to the original title screen music after it fully plays once.

Three tracks introduced towards the end of the Wings of the Goddess story - "Summers Lost", "Goddess Divine", and "Everlasting Bonds", are not included in the Original Soundtrack, but have since been included in the Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack - Plus.

Additionally, of the two tracks released together with the final chapter of Voidwatch, only one, "Provenance Watcher", has been officially released in Sword Songs: Final Fantasy XI Battle Collection as a bonus track. The other remains unreleased.

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