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This page lists three translations of monster names of Final Fantasy XI. The left column is the original Japanese translation, and the second is the Romaji. The right column is the English translations.

All monsters are named in English and this name is displayed to players regardless of which language version of the game they have installed. Note that therefore, the vast majority of the thousands of monsters in Final Fantasy XI do not have (or need) Japanese names! Such monsters do not belong in this section.

However, some Notorious Monsters do have official Japanese names, discernible from one or more of the following sources:

  • The title awarded for killing the monster. Example: (ファヴニル スレーヤー, Favuniru Surēyā?, lit. Fafnir Slayer)
  • Trophy items dropped by the monster, typically used for crafting, Magian trials, or to spawn additional NMs in a sequence. Example: (アペデマクの角, Apademaku no Tsuno?, lit. Apademak Horn)
  • Some other item related to the monster. Example: (玄武盾, Genbu Tate?, lit. Genbu's Shield)
  • Quest text
  • NPC dialogue
  • Official Square-Enix promotional materials

A rare few normal monsters have official Japanese names as well, taken from any of the above sources (except titles, as normal monsters do not award titles upon their defeat).

In addition to individual names, monsters are divided into ecosystems (such as Beast, Plantoid, etc); these ecosystems are divided into individual families (for example, the Beast ecosystem has families such as Behemoth, Rabbit, Sheep, etc); and some of those families are further divided into subfamilies (such as Behemoth and Elasmoth). Most of these ecosystems, families, and subfamilies have official names, although subfamily names in particular are hard to track down. (For example, many of the NM subfamilies introduced in Abyssea, such as Wantonberry, are only named in a certain article in a certain Japanese magazine.)

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Individual MonstersEdit

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