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Final Fantasy X-2: Vocal Collection - Rikku is one of a collection of three character singles, corresponding to the main characters of Final Fantasy X-2. Each song is a vocal arrangement of an OST track, sung by the characters' voice actress. Each single came with a 4-track CD and a 3-track DVD. The DVD includes a music video using scenes from the game and shots of the vocalist singing, a lengthy interview, and a montage of sequences from the game.

The songs on the albums are a version of "Rikku's Theme" from the original soundtrack, "Hadashi no Kiseki", (roughly translates to "Barefoot Miracle") and a version of Final Fantasy X-2's "YuRiPa Battle No.1", "Without You", both characteristically fast-paced, lighthearted and happy.

Track listEdit

Disc One (CD)Edit

  1. "Hadashi no Kiseki"
  2. "Without You"
  3. "Hadashi no Kiseki ~ Instrumental"
  4. "Without You ~ Instrumental"

Disc Two (DVD)Edit

  1. "Hadashi no Kiseki"
  2. Marika Matsumoto Interview
  3. Final Fantasy X-2 Special Movie ~Rikku Version~


"Hadashi no Kiseki"Edit

Japanese RōmajiEdit

Tooku kara hakinareteta kutsu no soko surikiretara
Kimochi ni mo ana ga aite akiramete tachidomaru no?
Hadashi de ii yo furui kutsu sutete
Umareta suhada de odoru kaze ni notte
Oka wo koetara natsu no umi da yo
Hikaru nagisa kakeyou
Tooku made aruite kite michi wa mou togireteru
Chizu ni nai michi no tobira hiraitara doko he tsuzuku?
Doko demo ii yo issho nara yukeru
Shiranai hana saku niji no mukou datte
Kibun makase no ashiato tsukete
Atarashii chizu egakou
Kakedasu riyuu wo ki ni shichau
Sorette kimi no warui kuse
"Doushite?" "nande?" to kiku mae ni
Hadashi no mama de tsuppashirou
Chizu no saki made tobidasou
Atashi to kimi to de kattobasou
Ima sugu motto tooku made
Ima sugu zutto tooku made
Dareka ni oitsukareru mae ni
Sekai no hate made icchaou
Tsumazuitatte daijoubu!
Atashi ga chanto soba ni ite
Kimi no genki ga modoru made
Jyanjyan ouenshite ageru
Nande sonna koto suru katte?
Sonna no attarimae desho~!
Sou; nibusugi da yo ne kizuitenai desho?
Aruiteku kimi no tonari ni iru wake
Itsuka futari de yakusoku no basho tadoritsuitara
Chizu no nai kimi no kokoro ni tobikomu no sa hadashide


When I wear out the soles of the shoes I'd gotten used to wearing for so long,
In my feelings, as well, a hole opens up; do I give up and stop?
Going barefoot is okay! Throw away your old shoes
In your bare skin which was born, ride the dancing wind
When you overcome the hill, there's the ocean of summer
Let's run along the shining shore
We've walked a long way and the road is already interrupted
When we open the unknown gateway, unmarked on any map, where do we continue on to?
Anywhere is okay! If we're together, we can go on
An unknown flower blooms on the other side of the rainbow, and so
Leave it to your feelings and follow the footprints
Let's draw a new map!
I mind your reasons for running off
That's your bad habit
Before asking "Why?" "What for?"
You run off quickly, barefoot
Let's fly to the destination on the map!
You and me, let's hit a home run!
Right now, until we reach a little farther
Right now, until we reach a lot farther
Before being overtaken by someone
Let's go to the end of the world!
It's okay if you stumble!
I'm right here by your side
Until your energy returns
I'll support you without hesitation
"Why are you doing that?" you ask
That should be obvious, shouldn't it!
That's right; you're too dense, aren't you. You haven't noticed, right?
The reason for being next to you as you're walking
Someday, when we make our way to the promised place together,
You, who has no map, I'll leap into your heart, barefoot

"Without You"Edit

Japanese RōmajiEdit

"Aitai" tte hitokoto suna ni kaita
Ano hi no umi no ao mabushisugite
Zattou no machi kousa suru hito no naka
Kimi wo sagashi ni hitori samayou
Watashi wo yobu koe kasuka kikoeta you na
Furimuita kedo daremo inai
Sonna setsunasa wa kurushii dake
Taiyou ga watashi wo terasu itakute
"Aitai" tte hitokoto suna ni kaita
Ano hi no umi no ao mabushisugite
"Todokete" tte hitokoto sasayaitara
Ano hi no kumo no iro kanashisugiru
"Owari no nai monogatari nante nai yo" to
"Shisen sorashite tsubuyaita kimi
Imasara dakedo sono kotoba no imi wo shirasareta toki
Kimi wa inai
Kisekae asobi wo kurikaesu hi
Munashii dake da to yatto kizuita
"Arigatou" tte hitokoto tsutaetakute
Hitogomi yuuhi no naka hashiri nuketa
Nakitai tte kokoro ga sakende iru
Taiyou ga watashi wo waratte miteru
Nakitsukarete numutteiru aida ni mukaeni kuru ka to
Yume miru
"Aitai" tte hitokoto suna ni kaite
Ano hi no umi no ao mabushisugite
"Sayonara" tte kotoba wo kuchi ni daseba
Harisakeru kono omoi sukueru kana


"I miss you"... That single phrase, I wrote in the sand
The blue of the ocean that day was too bright
A congested city, within the people crossing
I wander alone looking for you
I could faintly hear a voice calling me
I turned around, but there was no one there
That kind of pain is just difficult
The sun shines on me and it hurts
"I miss you"... That single phrase, I wrote in the sand
The blue of the ocean that day was too bright
"Please deliver this"... That single phrase, when I whispered it
The color of the clouds that day was too sad
"It's not a story without end, or anything like that"
You, who murmured this as you averted your gaze,
Although, in this late hour, the time I've been made to understand the meaning of those words,
You aren't here
The day I repeated playing dress-up
I finally realized that it was just empty
"Thank you"... That single phrase I want to express
The crowd of people run through the setting sun
This heart that wants to cry is screaming
The sun is looking and laughing at me
In the space where, tired of crying, I slumber, I dream of
Whether or not you'll come to meet me
"I miss you"... That single phrase, I wrote in the sand
The blue of the ocean that day was too bright
"Goodbye"... That word, if I say it
I wonder if I can be saved from this feeling that's going to burst

Music SamplesEdit

"Hadashi no Kiseki"
Hadashi no Kiseki
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