The Final Fantasy Wiki YouTube channel is a shared YouTube profile for the FFWiki community, in order to upload all of the wiki's Final Fantasy related videos in one place, such as the Let's Play and various videos used in certain articles.

If you are given the password by a member of the staff, it means that you have been trusted to help manage this profile. If you delete any of these videos without community consensus, we will change the password as well as ban you from the Wiki, because it will be treated as as act of vandalism. The same applies if you upload questionable content.

Please note that unlike other external social media accounts, we have not kept a full list of users with access. If a password change occurs, this means you may have to apply for access again.

This channel is to be used to upload videos that can be used in articles, similar to the File namespace on the wiki proper. Please upload any fan videos to your own YouTube channels.

List of PlaylistsEdit