Will you let me hear you twitter?
Kuja, quoted completely out of context

The Official Final Fantasy Wiki Twitter account (@FFWiki) was rebooted on Saturday, 25th August, 2012, after a long hiatus. and Catuse167, ScatheMote, Hexedmagica, Tia-Lewise and Jeppo have been tasked with maintaining and tweeting on it. What were they thinking?

So what will the feed feature? Updates from Shinra News and the DNC, and also new Featured Articles and Featured Images. We'll also monitor other twitter feeds on Final Fantasy and retweet anything we feel is appropriate (or, in some cases, inappropriate).

We also tweet questions every Sunday and ask our esteemed followers to reply with the answer. The person who replies correctly first will get mentioned when we give out the answer, along with the link as to where the answer lay on our wiki. The quickest right answer will also be immortalised for all to see in the table below.

DateFormat: DD/MM/YY Question Answer (Highlight) Winner
18/1/14 What real-life language is Yevon script based on? Siddham Script (Shingon Buddhism) @anivotas
21/12/14 What Mark does the Insecure Seeq commission the party to slay in FFXII? Overlord @OverlordBossk
14/12/14 What Bioshock character does Serah Farron share a voice actress with? Lady Comstock @SEFantasies
7/12/14 Setzer Gabbiani's concept was originally intended for another character. Who is she? Faris Tycoon @anivotas
8/12/13 Who is this character? [1] Kain Highwind @Luis679
10/11/13 Which Final Fantasy XII Esper is the only one which isn't based on a previous FInal Fantasy villain or Final Fantasy Tactics Lucavi? Shemhazai @anivotas
8/9/13 Here's a song from Final Fantasy III played backwards. Name the location of where it's played ingame: Crystal Tower @yellowmage
1/9/13 In Final Fantasy II, what was the only weapon that took the enemy's HP into account when calculating damage? Blood Sword @R850Mango
18/8/13 Who once claimed that the main protagonist must have "cannonballs of steel" to challenge him/her? Bikke @MikeyS9607
2/6/13 What are the names of the two characters who provide the Blitzball commentary in Final Fantasy X? Bobba and Jimma @kamikaze_pardee
19/5/13 What enemy always appears alongside Gighee in the Northern Cave? Christopher @anivotas
6/5/13 What was the first English-language released game in which there is an Ability called Libra? Final Fantasy X-2 (via Floral Fallal) @greenmage128
22/4/13 After Garland was sent back in time, how many years into the future did he send Tiamat? 1600 years @SRKJD
13/4/13 Which character suffers, or had suffered, from Pyrophobia? Rydia (When she was young) @OerbaYunRa
Which character suffers, or had suffered, from Acrophobia? Bartz @soulryuu
Which character suffers, or had suffered, from Astraphobia? Rikku @TheSirLaguna
31/3/13 Complete the quote: "World very simple place. World only have two things: _________" "Things you can eat and things you no can eat." @MrDanielParada
24/3/13 What classical music was President Shinra listening to as he watched the plate above Sector 7 fall? Joseph Hadin's "The Creation" @TheSirLaguna
17/3/13 What is the first town/village in the Final Fantasy series to have random encounters? Fynn, Final Fantasy II @SRKJD
10/3/13 In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a King, what is the only race in Padarak that cannot be sent out as adventurers? (excluding Pavlov) Moogles @KurohanaKatsuo
3/3/13 What is the first creature in FF history that could be summoned by the player during battle? Wyvern/Wind Drake, Final Fantasy II @KurohanaKatsuo
17/2/13 Guess the enemies from their etymology derivations:
Greek; child-eating demon. Lamia @TheSirLaguna
Hebrew; meaning destruction. Abaddon @anivotas
Babylonian; Sea Goddess. Tiamat @tejanodreams
Hindu; group of deities Asura @tejanodreams
Hebrew; Book of Numerations. Safer∙Sephiroth @tejanodreams
17/2/13 Name an enemy that starts with just 1 HP. We need the name of enemy and the game they appear in. Dummied enemies don't count. FFV: Skull Eater
FFVI: Land Ray, Peeper
FFVII: Sephiroth
10/2/13 Translate the following text into Al Bhed: "How much magic would one need to defeat Sin? Quite a substantial amount, I would think." Ruf silr magic fuimt uha haat du tavayd Sin? Xieda y cipcdyhdeym ysuihd, E fuimt drehg. @jm_lion
3/2/13 Which Final Fantasy summon takes its name from an enormous fish in Arabian mythology? Bahamut @anivotas
27/1/13 In Final Fantasy VIII, when and where is the first opportunity the player has to draw the Ultima spell in a playthrough? Fishermans Horison - Mayor Dobe's House @Thor_Ross
20/1/13 In Final Fantasy VI, how many carriages does the Phantom Train locomotive trail? 10 @KurohanaKatsuo
11/1/13 Name an enemy with an exclamation mark (!) in its name. King VERMIN! @yellowmage
4/1/13 A thirty second sample of a Final Fantasy song was played backwards. Name the song and the game it came from. Mount Gulg, Final Fantasy @KurohanaKatsuo
26/12/12 Two members of the Kinderguardians share their names with another two characters from which "Final Fantasy" game? Final Fantasy Legend II @KurohanaKatsuo
17/12/12 Who said "So, you offer your life in exchange for theirs?" and what was the response? Exdeath; "Of course not. I offer yours." @kamikaze_pardee
In the English version, in what game and location would you hear the song lyric "Ready to define the mists inside your heart?" Final Fantasy XIII-2, Sunleth Waterscape (300 AF South & 400 AF) @KurohanaKatsuo
8/12/12 Complete the famous quote: "Sweet Christmas, it's a ________!" talking turtle! @TheSirLaguna
Bonus question: tell us the similar quote used in Dissidia Final Fantasy! "Sweet Cosmos, it's a talking rock!" @beaktastic
17/11/12 Which Final Fantasy game imposes a level cap of 41? Final Fantasy Mystic Quest @TheSirLaguna
7/11/12 Which Final Fantasy series location shares its name with an English Football (soccer) club? Crystal Palace @kevio_17
30/10/12 A seeress predicted the fall of the city she ruled. We know that she was Yeul, but how many years before the events of FFXIII did she do it? (question from @KurohanaKatsuo) 670 years @laughingsoul45
20/10/12 Name the Main Final Fantasy character that appeared in a Coca-Cola television commercial in Japan. Zidane Tribal @RyokoGT
14/10/12 Which Final Fantasy character mentions in-game that their favourite food is Adamantoise? Noel Kreiss @DeadorAlive98X
8/10/12 Give a list of all status ailments the Great Malboro of Final Fantasy II could inflict. Venom, Palalyze, Silence, Sleep, Mini, Confuse, KO @TheSirLaguna
2/10/12 In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, there are many posters throughout the game advertising what future Final Fantasy game? Final Fantasy XXVII @Nespeon
28/9/12 Holy, Flare, Meteor or Ultima are signature Final Fantasy spells. Which is the first main series game when they cannot be cast by the party? Final Fantasy XIII @CharlesAkerblom
19/9/12 We all know FFXII's Yiazmat holds the record for the highest HP, but which enemy in the series has the second highest HP? Minerva, from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- @KurohanaKatsuo
13/9/12 Director and Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi makes a cameo appearance in which Final Fantasy title? Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within @crazypuppy999
7/9/12 What Final Fantasy game was first released in North America on the 7th September? Final Fantasy VII @Nochtcaelum
2/9/12 Which is the only Final Fantasy game where the player may encounter a character called Dave? Final Fantasy Tactics Advance @KurohanaKatsuo
26/8/12 Which character from the Final Fantasy series was called Tina in the Japanese localisation? Terra Branford @5lipi

And here are the top twitterors!

Asker Number Right
@KurohanaKatsuo 8
@anivotas 7
@TheSirLaguna 6
@tejanodreams 3

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