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These websites are sites that the staff at the Final Fantasy Wiki feel are very helpful to those who wish to know more about the Final Fantasy series and other Square Enix series as well.

Policy on linkingEdit

You can link to your website, provided the following:

  • It must be related to Final Fantasy or another Square series. Duh. (This may be changed in the near future)
  • You must place the link under "Editor Submitted Sites." The other section is reserved for the sites that have established themselves.
  • Your site must be active. The site must either be updated frequently (ie, at least once a month) or must have an active forum community.
  • No editorializing please. You should place your site in the list, and write two or three sentences describing it. What makes it unique? Saying "this is the best fansite ever!" will result in the link being removed.
  • No duplicates please. If your site has a forum, you can link to either the site or the forum, not both.

Site AffiliatesEdit

The online center for everything related to Square's second most popular series: the Chrono series. It serves as a Chrono Wiki, as well as a host for fan projects such as movies, spinoffs, and comics, as well as a tribute to the "Dream Team" which designed the Chrono series. Highly Recommended. This site is an official affiliate of the Final Fantasy Wiki.

Final Fantasy relatedEdit

Caves of Narshe is one of the best resources on the internet for the Super NES games in the series: Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI. It also features extensive sections on the original Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy Tactics as well as an extensive fanart gallery from the classic installments in the series. Highly Recommended. Also as of now covers Chrono Trigger.

This page doesn't have anything Final Fantasy related, however, it is home to the infamous 8-Bit Theater webcomic, based on the original Final Fantasy. If you have some time to kill, check it out! It may take a long time to get through them all, but it is definitely worth it. Highly Recommended.

This is a large Final Fantasy database featuring descriptions of almost every character, weapon, class, and job in the series, as well as houses an extensive image gallery. Highly Recommended.

Editor Submitted SitesEdit

  • Ultima Final Fantasy: Ultima Final Fantasy serves as the #1 Final Fantasy Podcast on Stitcher, as well as one of the biggest Final Fantasy shows on iTunes; it is a site and a podcast dedicated to the entire Final Fantasy series, functioning both as a retrospective and as a Final Fantasy news show.
  • Nova Crystallis An extensive Final Fantasy site with fantastic news coverage.
  • Final Fantasy Union is always at the forefront of news related to the franchise, and the content is extremely in-depth. Their affiliation with Square Enix also enables them to get exclusive interviews.
  • This is a growing site covering the Final fantasy series. You will find in depth coverage of the games in the series, as well as some of the spin-off titles. This includes everything from bestiaries and summons, to characters and mini games.
  • A french site famous in its collection of Final Fantasy images which include but are not limited to: Wallpapers, official posters, screen caps, cosplay photos (good cosplay photos), conceptual art, promotion art, game scene backgrounds and much, much more. In French.
  • FFT Realm: Online: an MMOG based on the Final Fantasy Tactics world of Ivalice. Large player-base with an active forum.
  • Final Fantasy MUX: FFMUX is a text-based roleplaying experience based on the Final Fantasy series where fragments of each Final Fantasy world have been converged into one!
  • The Lifestream: A great source for concept information, images and film clips on the FF7 Compilation games.
  • Provides frequent updates regarding Square Enix products, including Final Fantasy franchise.
  • Final Fantasy Omega Nebula: Unmatched French website for Final Fantasy artwork. Notable for its fan-art renditions of the Final Fantasy planets.
  • Final Fantasy FXN: Final Fantasy fan site, with up to date news on the latest Square Enix news.
  • Paulos' Final Fantasy Tactics Shrine All about one of the greatest RPGs in history, Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Final Fantasy Ecards: The biggest source of ecards from most of the Final Fantasy series

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