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Welcome to Shinra News (formerly Current Events, Midgar Press and Bonga Bugle), the propaganda machine of the Shinra Electric Power Company, now hosted at the Final Fantasy Wiki. Here, special news pertaining to the Wiki and the Final Fantasy series that grab our attention will be reported for all to read. Anyone can start a news report, but be sure to leave the date, location, source and sign your report with three tildes (~~~) before sending in to the printing press.

News reports should be structured in a chronological manner, with recent issues posted at the top. To post a reaction or write a comment, follow the links provided according to the respective news link. Remember, only news related to the Wiki and to the Final Fantasy series are allowed. Let's work together as a community to maintain the newsletter! If you find that our reports are either incorrect or incomplete, feel free to edit them as you feel fit. Just be sure to include a note that you've edited it with (''Edited by'') along with those same ~~~ below the original reporter's name.

After reporting news, please place a mention of it along with a direct link to that section on this page: /News Box, so that it will appear on the Main Page. To save space, please limit news entries on the News Box to only five.

All Shinra News stories will also be reported on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Old news are in the Archives:


Final Fantasy XV changes to Chapter 13 revealed in an upcoming patchEdit

March 14th by Keltainentoukokuu

Chapter 13 of Final Fantasy XV will be updated later this month. Along with balancing adjustments, Square Enix is adding a separate route for Gladiolus and Ignis after they get split off from Noctis, so the player can play as Gladiolus and see what happened from their point of view until they are reunited with Noctis. There are new cutscenes that show what takes place while Noctis is on his own. There is gameplay with the party of Gladiolus and Ignis together. The player will see what happened to Emperor Aldercapt and Ravus Nox Fleuret, and where they ended up being during the whole time. The ring magic is being overhauled, so the three spells the player could use with the Ring of the Lucii are made more powerful.



Final Fantasy XV patch 1.05 (2.1GB) with PS4 Pro support is now availableEdit

February 20th by Keltainentoukokuu

The 1.05 update for Final Fantasy XV adds the following features:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro users now have selectable resolution options.
  • New Time Quests (limited-time and contests)
  • Level cap increased from 99 to 120. The amount of EXP required to level up has gone up drastically.
  • Players can now store up to 200 photos.
  • Portable music player doesn't get overridden by chocobo music when riding.
  • Moogle Chocobo Carnival is over.
  • Two new tracks for the music player from Nier.


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age due out in JulyEdit

January 31st by Keltainentoukokuu

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will release 11th July in Europe and North America, and 13th July in Japan and rest of Asia. It is an HD remake of Final Fantasy XII for the PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy XII was originally released on PlayStation 2 in 2006. The Zodiac Age is based on the Zodiac Job System re-release that was only out in Japan. It has various gameplay changes, the most major being the addition of a job system.


Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus DLC due out March 28; Prompto DLC in JuneEdit

January 31st by Keltainentoukokuu

Square Enix has revealed plans for its next round of Final Fantasy XV downloadable content. From February 21st fans can download a Booster Pack as part of the game's Season Pass to get the party special outfits that grant invincibility for 30 minutes before needing a full 24 hours to recharge.

Episode Gladiolus is due March 28th that features Gladiolus Amicitia as the playable character. Cor Leonis will also make an appearance. Episode Prompto will be available in June.


PC version of Mobius Final Fantasy scheduled for worldwide launch on February 6Edit

January 25th by Leon95

Square Enix have announced that their mobile RPG Mobius Final Fantasy will release worldwide on PC via Steam on February 6, 2017. A Japanese PC version released last November and features 60FPS gameplay and 4K visuals. The same account can be used between the mobile and PC versions, so players can choose to switch between them at any time. Additionally, players will receive free bonus items if they log into the game via Steam before February 28.


Free Final Fantasy XV event on 24th, and latest sales figuresEdit

January 10th by Keltainentoukokuu

The official English Twitter channel for Final Fantasy XV tweeted today that the "Moogle Chocobo Carnival" in-game event will begin on January 24. The event will be free DLC.

Final Fantasy XV has also shipped and sold digitally over 6 million units.


Square Enix to collaborate with Ariana Grande for Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

January 1st by Leon95

American actress and singer Ariana Grande has announced on Twitter that she will have a character featured in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She showed off her character's sprite, which is styled after her attire from her Dangerous Woman album and tour, via her Instagram account.

Sources: Twitter, Instagram

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