Screenshot of Squall's assassination attempt on Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy VIII. Edea is to be made the Ambassador of Galbadia, but because she is the vessel of the Sorceress Ultimecia, she is a threat to the country, so Galbadia Garden arranges for her to be assassinated by the mercenaries of SeeD. However, Irvine Kinneas recognizes her as the main characters' "Matron", who cared for them in an orphanage at Centra, and sabotages the assassination attempt. As a result, Edea is able to murder president Vinzer Deling, mortally wound Squall with her Limit Break, magically subdue the crowds of people watching the violence, and assume the position of Galbadian dictator.

Final Fantasy VIII was the second game to have presidents, ambassadors, and other "modern" political titles, after Final Fantasy VII. Prior games had kings, emperors, and even elders, but this changed as part of a shift in genre towards science fiction during the PlayStation-era games. Later games, including Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XII, return to medieval fantasy, but the sci-fi influence on Final Fantasy continues today with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV, though both games have anachronistic government systems.