Sunbreeze Festival Artwork 2008 (FFXI)

Poster advertising the Fantastic Fraulein Mumor Superheroine Stage Show in Final Fantasy XI. According to the backstory of the show, an evil king named Ullegore came to Vana'diel on a meteor and set out to spread misery and gloom, seeking out festivals as the pinnacles of happiness and celebration. As Ullegore's reach spread, a heroine named Mumor rose, who could convert the joy of her fans into a force to destroy evil, and began to bring happiness back to the world with her dancing. The two eventually came face to face at the Sunbreeze Festival, where Mumor was victorious with the support of her fans.

At the Sunbreeze Festival every year in Final Fantasy XI, players can witness the battle between Mumor and Ullegore, and can cheer on Mumor in exchange for a piece of equipment based on Mumor's outfit.

The event is referenced in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy by Prishe's third outfit, the Magna Top, based on Mumor's outfit.