Primal stickers

Promotional stickers of some of the Primals and other enemies from Final Fantasy XIV. These stickers were available for purchase from the Europe Fanfest in 2016. Each sticker references the battlefield where the fight takes place and the mechanics of the encounter. From left to right, top to bottom, they are:

  • Nidhogg: fought at the Final Steps of Faith. Has various flame breath and explosion attacks.
  • Ramuh: battled at the Striking Tree. Wields the power of lightning.
  • Shiva: encountered at the Akh Afah Amphitheatre. During her battle, she turns the floor to ice.
  • Behemoth: an open world event rather than an instance, which often results in a swarm of players appearing in a small area.
  • Titan: he drops the rocks that make the people fall down. In the Navel.
  • Garuda: the Howling Eye is found in the centre of a tornado. Garuda divides the battlefield with further tornadoes.
  • Morbol: the common Final Fantasy enemy and its signature attack, Bad Breath.
  • Sophia: a primal representing the Goddess in the Warring Triad of Final Fantasy VI. Heavy tilts and no railing lead to players falling off the floating platform she is battled on.