Screenshot of the Legend from Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Before Crisis is a prequel to the other games in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, an action RPG playable in an episodic format on Japanese mobile phones, and follows the Turks as they fight against the enemies of Shinra Electric Power Company, namely AVALANCHE. Unlike the other games in the Compilation, Before Crisis was never released outside Japan.

The Legendary Turk is a former anti-Shinra activist known only as the "Death God of the Battlefield", whose faction was betrayed and annihilated at a Mako Reactor by a weapons dealer. After this, the Death God joined the Turks, but when he encountered the dealer on a mission in a military facility in Wutai, he bombed the building with the dealer still inside to exact revenge for the betrayal. The Legend is placed on house arrest for two years as punishment, but continues to work with the Turks on his release. True to his appearance, the Legend is lax in his duties—and, predictably enough, lives in the beach town of Costa del Sol.