FFX widescreen hacked error

Screenshot of Kimahri facing Seymour Natus in Final Fantasy X. At Bevelle, Seymour kills Kinoc and absorbs Pyreflies from him to become this new empowered form, and Kimahri protects the party and tells them to flee, but they turn back to aid him and fight.

The curiosity of this image is that the game was hacked to display properly on a widescreen television, as most televisions today use such proportions. This causes a programming oddity, namely that the models of the other party members can be seen to the right, waiting for the point in the scene they are meant to enter. On a standard television, this would not be visible. This trick of programming, having models "wait" in an unseen location then moving them into place when it is time to use them, is used in many video games, and is one of the obstacles demanding the PlayStation 3 version of the game be remade rather than simply ported.