Artwork of the Ice Cavern from Final Fantasy IX. Zidane, Garnet, and company are traveling through the Ice Cavern when suddenly most of the party falls asleep, and Zidane is ambushed by Black Waltz 1, a powerful black mage sent to apprehend Garnet. However, Zidane destroys the Waltz and wakes up the party. As they are leaving, Garnet decides on an alias: "Dagger," after Zidane's weapon of choice.

This concept art was done by Christian Lorenz Scheurer, a graphic novelist who also contributed art to several movies, including Suicide Squad and 300: Rise of an Empire. The darkness of Zidane brings out the light blue tones of the cavern and the light from the plains near Dali — that he is walking into the "light at the end of the tunnel" is rather ironic, as the party's escape from Alexandria shortly after the events of the Ice Cavern marks the beginning of a continent-wide war.