FFVI IOS Gestahl's Truce

Screenshot of the banquet at the Imperial Palace from Final Fantasy VI. Late in the Third Gestahlian Campaign, the imperial capital, Vector, is sacked by espers, forcing Imperial surrender and negotiations with the Returners. Here the party dines with Emperor Gestahl and his men; Gestahl asks the party various questions, including who they should toast and what should be done to punish Kefka Palazzo. If the party answers correctly, reprimanding the Emperor but not being too harsh, the Gestahlian army will withdraw from its various occupied territories, and the party can even get rare equipment. Unfortunately, Gestahl's "surrender" is merely feigned to manipulate the party, and the Empire ultimately resumes its war, leading to the end of the world, as Gestahl laments that the ruin of his empire will mean nobody will ever worship him.

As the negotiations with the Emperor are part of the buildup to the end of the world, it makes for one of the darkest story arcs in the series. But it might be a bit harder to take seriously with the iOS's faceless soldiers and over-detailed lobsters.