Final fantasy dimensions legends multiple jobs

Artwork of the Warriors of Light and Warriors of Darkness as various jobs from Final Fantasy Dimensions. From top left counterclockwise, this artwork depicts Nacht as a Dark Knight, Glaive as a Monk, Diana as a Summoner, Alba as a Dancer, Sarah as a Bard, Dusk as a White Mage, Aigis as a Paladin, and Sol as a Warrior. Dimensions follows two groups of protagonists, the Warriors of Light and of Darkness, on an adventure modeled after classic Final Fantasy games both in terms of story and gameplay.

The art style is typical of Dimensions concept art, which typically has a faded background and larger-than-life characters which exaggerate their emotions. The game's large collection of artwork includes a piece depicting the events of each chapter in the main story. Here, the characters are assigned jobs which fit their personalities -- for example, the bubbly, sociable Alba is a Dancer, while the blunt, straightforward Glaive is a Monk. Jobs which have obvious parallels are opposite each other: Bard opposite Dancer as both are support jobs based on real-life art forms, Summoner opposite White Mage as both are mages, but one is offensive and one is defensive, and so on.