January 12th - January 19th

Serah chaos tears

The chaos of the Unseen Realm is a malevolent energy that seeps through into the world of mortals. The existence-defying darkness witnessed by Lightning is an immense and inexorable force, a creeping doom that she is not even certain acts with a unified purpose or will.

Where the chaos of Valhalla leaks into the mortal realm, the laws of the physical world are undone. This paradoxical energy seeks to return all existence to the Unseen Realm, but at times it seems to show an almost affection for those who share an affinity with chaos.

Our bodies are made of the blood of the goddess. Our souls are formed of the chaos which she bestowed upon us. The Farseers were an ancient people who embraced the chaos more than any other. They were Pulse's oldest tribe, and I was their seeress.

The power to see the future. The power to travel the timeline. The power to bend monsters to your will. The power to remember in your dreams, even when the timeline has changed. They are manifestations of hidden chaos, and in a chosen few, these powers are great indeed. Such are the blessings of the goddess.*2deep4u

January 5th - January 12th


Artwork of Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV. An ancient Magitek machine, the Ultima Weapon had the ability to absorb the powers of primals, the summons of Final Fantasy XIV's world, and can use their abilities. The Garlean Empire uncovers the machine, and Gaius Van Baelsar pilots it against the player in the final battle of the base game's main questline. During the battle Ultima Weapon can cast the magic Ultima, which defeats the entire player party if successfully cast.

This marks the first time since Final Fantasy VII that Ultima Weapon plays a central role in the main storyline of a game, having mostly played the role of an optional boss otherwise. Its design in Final Fantasy XIV is directly based on the Final Fantasy VII incarnation.

December 22nd - January 5th

Starlight Celebration 2008 (FFXI)

Artwork of the 2008 Starlight Celebration from Final Fantasy XI. The Starlight Celebration is an annual event held in-game near Christmas in Final Fantasy XI and now Final Fantasy XIV. Each year players who participate in the celebration can participate in unique holiday-themed quests and receive holiday-themed items, such as a set of Dream equipment where the characters wear the traditional red and white hat and coat of Santa Claus.

The Final Fantasy Wiki wishes all visitors a fun and festive holiday season.

December 15th - December 22nd

Amano Cloud motorcycle

Yoshitaka Amano artwork of Cloud Strife riding a Motorcycle. In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud rides a motorcycle called the Hardy-Daytona out of the Shinra Headquarters with the other party members following in a pick-up truck. This leads into a minigame where Cloud must swat pursuing Shinra forces away from himself and the party with the Buster Sword as they flee over the highways of Midgar. This minigame was the first to be designed of the numerous minigames in Final Fantasy VII, and can be replayed at the Gold Saucer later in the game.

In the expanded Compilation universe, Cloud's signature motorcycle is the Fenrir, named for the recurring Summon. The original Hardy-Daytona can be seen displayed in Shinra Headquarters in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

December 8th - December 15th

FF4TAY iOS Band Final Fantasy

Screenshot of the Final Fantasy Band in the iOS release of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Band attacks combine the skills of several party members to unleash a very powerful technique, usually a powerful attack but sometimes a healing or buffing skill. The Final Fantasy Band combines the signature skills of the original final five party members of Final Fantasy IV - Cecil's Attack, Kain's Jump, Rosa's White Magic, Rydia's Black Magic, and Edge's Throw. The Band does heavy damage to one enemy, breaking the damage limit, and healing the party.

The Band's name is one of several uses of the actual term "Final Fantasy" in the series, which is snuck in as a pun in many cases, such as Gilgamesh's "Ultimate Illusion" or Chaos's "Brink of Delusion".

December 1st - December 8th

Amano Minwu

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano of Minwu, from Final Fantasy II, the first White Mage to be a named character in the series. Hailing from the town of Mysidia, Minwu served as the personal healer of the Royal Family of Fynn. After the Empire forced them out of the kingdom, Minwu helped the Rebellion establish themselves in Altair, where Firion, Maria, and Guy eventually end up.

Minwu is one of the several temporary playable characters in FFII. When he joins the party, his magical abilities far exceed anything the main characters have yet to achieve, even though his physical abilities are not nearly as powerful.

Because of its nature in the game, Minwu is the only white mage in the series to be able to cast the Ultima spell.

November 24th - December 1st

Ff9 theatre ship

A screencap of the Prima Vista, the airship and mobile base of the Tantalus Theater Troupe, as she approaches the city of Alexandria. The Prima Vista contains several different locations and is even equiped with a theatre stage that the group uses for their performances, including the famous play I Want To Be Your Canary.

The Prima Vista was shot down from the sky as the troupe escaped from the city with the "kidnapped" princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII. The ship was forced to land in the Evil Forest, where her wreck was salvaged by the uninjured members of Tantalus. After the massive Petrification event of the forest, the Prima Vista is never seen again in the game.

November 17th - November 24th

Uematsu roth

A photograph of conductor Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu, the driving forces behind the Distant Worlds concert tours. Roth has conducted each concert in the tour since 2007, when the first presentation took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the years, the tour's set list has grown to include every orchestral arrangement produced in the previous concerts of the music of Final Fantasy. The set list has also included new arrangements, including themes from Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII, which were not written by Uematsu.

Square Enix has stated that the tours will continue visiting cities across the world at least until 2014.

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November 10th - November 17th

Nomura FFV Cast Artwork

Artwork of the Final Fantasy V cast by Tetsuya Nomura. The artwork features the primary heroes and villains of the game. Bartz is in the center of the piece flanked by Faris and Krile on the left and Lenna and Galuf on the right. On the right of the art the wind drake and Syldra can be seen, while the left features Exdeath, Gilgamesh, and Enkidu.

Final Fantasy V was the first time Tetsuya Nomura drew artwork for the series, overseeing monster designs and some cast artwork. He did the same for its successor Final Fantasy VI, before becoming the main character designer for Final Fantasy VII. Nomura has subsequently served as a character designer and artist on numerous main series and spin-off titles.

November 3rd - November 10th

Spoony Bard - D012

Screenshot of Kefka referencing the famous line You Spoony Bard! in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. In the scene, Kefka is spying on Kuja, who he discovers is plotting to betray Chaos, sneaking Zidane and his comrades behind enemy lines to they can challenge the god together. Feigning to the other Warriors of Chaos that he's going to help Kuja "trick" the heroes, Kefka and the other villains intervene and claim Kuja was planning to lead them into enemy territory to trap and fight them, and Kuja is forced to play along to avoid being discovered.

Kefka's dialogue is a reference to the infamous Final Fantasy IV line, where Tellah calls Edward a spoony bard, a line so iconic it has been kept in all releases of the game and is now referenced in other titles and in popular culture.

October 27th - November 3rd

FFXI A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Artwork

Concept art for Final Fantasy XI: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Evil in Small Doses, a Final Fantasy XI expansion. During the expansion, what begins as a repair job for the player's Mog House turns into an investigation into a conspiracy involving the managers of the Mog Houses, Dom and Toto Kupeliaure. The player and their Moogle discover that Riko Kupenreich, a notorious moogle loanshark, is in cahoots with the managers to destroy the Mog Houses and build luxury Mog Tower apartments in their places, making a fortune on the rent he'll charge. With the player's intervention, Riko's plans are foiled.

The Final Fantasy Wiki wishes all visitors a fun and spooky Halloween this Thursday.

October 20th - October 27th

Diablos FFVIII Art

Concept artwork of Diablos from Final Fantasy VIII. Final Fantasy VIII is the first appearance of Diablos, who has become the Summon associated with Gravity and sometimes Darkness. Its special attack Dark Messenger usually inflicts heavy Gravity-elemental damage to enemies, draining them to a small fraction of their HP up to the damage cap. His name is variably spelled Diablos or Diabolos.

In Final Fantasy VIII, Diablos appears from a Magical Lamp given to Squall by Cid before he departs for a mission in Timber, and must be defeated in battle to be earned as a Guardian Force. The Magical Lamp can be used and Diablos challenged any time the player wishes, allowing Diablos the distinction of being the only Guardian Force that Laguna, Ward and Kiros can fight, if the Magical Lamp is used in a flashback with them.

October 13th - October 20th

Kuja Treno Nobleman FFIX Art

Concept artwork of Kuja from Final Fantasy IX, most likely by Hideo Minaba. The design is based on the idea that Kuja spent some time as a wealthy nobleman in the city of Treno, but it was never seen in the finished game. However, Kuja can be spotted at the Treno Auction House and there are rumours that he may be the owner (or at least a highly respected patron). In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, a different nobleman design is used as a DLC outfit.

October 6th - October 13th


A screenshot of Lightning using Area Sweep in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. A spinning attack, Area Sweep hits all enemies in a close radius and knocks them back. It is an upgraded form of Blitz, which is referred to as "Area Blast" in the Japanese games. Area Sweep first appeared in Final Fantasy XIII-2 as a Commando ability, but only recruitable monsters and enemies could use it, not Serah or Noel. It is unknown which of Lightning's Garbs will be able to use Area Sweep.

Area Sweep also features in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade as an agility ability, and in Kingdom Hearts re:coded, Sora being able to perform elemental variants of the attack similar to the elemental variants of Blitz that appeared in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

September 29th - October 6th

FFIV happy face

Screenshot of a Smiley Face on the Red Moon from Final Fantasy IV. Located south of the Lair of the Father in an otherwise out-of-the-way spot on the moon, the face consists of a mountain for a nose, two craters for eyes, and assorted smaller craters and mountains to form eyebrows, a mouth, and spots under the eyes.

Though an easy-to-miss easter egg, the face has been retained in all releases of Final Fantasy IV save the DS and iOS releases, and is also found in the same spot in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

September 22nd - September 29th

FFA Saber Cat Artwork

Artwork of a Saber Cat, an enemy from Final Fantasy Adventure. Unlike the main series, this spin-off is a top-down adventure game which would eventually spawn the Mana series. The overworld is populated with many bizarre monsters, including evil pumpkins and duck soldiers. This particular little critter can be found in the area near Lorim. Beware: its attacks may inflict poison on the target.


Isn't the kitty cute?

September 15th - September 22nd


Artwork of Fuhito Transformed from Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. For most of the game the Turks fight AVALANCHE under the leadership of Elfé, but in the game's final chapters, the scientist Fuhito takes control of the organization due to Elfé's failing health. It is revealed that Fuhito has been guiding AVALANCHE to gather the support Materia needed to summon Zirconiade, the ultimate Summon, so he can destroy humanity and return their spiritual energy to the Lifestream to rejuvenate the Planet from Shinra's damage. When he succeeds in calling Zirconiade, Fuhito absorbs its power and transforms to fight the party, but is defeated, unleashing Zirconiade itself.

September 1st - September 15th

Ahriman FFXIV Art

Artwork of the Ahriman in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The revised game will feature enemies from previous Final Fantasy games brought to life in highly detailed 3D graphics in a manner many have never been depicted in before, such as Xande, the Cloud of Darkness, Ultima Weapon, and Tiamat.

A Realm Reborn is a remastered version of the original game that had nearly universal poor reception among fans and critics. The game went off-line in December 2012 to make way for massive overhauls to the game, with the storyline explanation of a cataclysm that reshaped the face of the planet and drastically affected the flora and fauna. The overhauled product was released August 27th 2013 to a much more positive response, with so many players logging on that the game has experienced server crashes.

August 25th - September 1st

FFVII Early Concept

Screenshot of Final Fantasy VII early in development. The screenshot depicts Locke Cole as the party leader.

Final Fantasy VII began development in 1994 soon after the release of Final Fantasy VI, and was planned to be a 2D game for the Super NES utilizing isometric sprites and set in New York City. Development slowed due to Chrono Trigger being developed at the same time, and some development staff working on VII left the team to aid with Chrono Trigger. By late 1995 plans shifted to make the game 3D, as Yoshinori Kitase wished for the series to keep up with the rise of 3D gaming, and the next generation Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation would be able to use 3D graphics more prominently. In the same year, Squaresoft made a technical demo using 3D versions of Final Fantasy VI characters as an experiment in making the 3D models that would be used for Final Fantasy VII.

August 18th - August 25th

FFVI Balance and Ruin

The cover artwork of OverClocked ReMix's most recent Final Fantasy-themed album, Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin. Balance and Ruin is a reinterpretation of the game's soundtrack, featuring over four hours of rearrangements and remixes by over 70 collaborating artists.