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The following is a list of all the Featured Images on the Final Fantasy Wiki. A featured image is displayed on the front page of the Wiki from Sunday to Sunday. Images are chosen if they are artistically valuable or depict an interesting aspect of the series. To suggest a Featured Image, click here.

Fëasindë, Yuan, and Drakey are in charge of the Featured Images and will tyrannically carefully choose the Image taking weekly turns.

March 29th - April 5th

BS Magnolia Arch

Artwork of Magnolia Arch from Bravely Second: End Layer. Magnolia is the main character of Bravely Second, joining Three Musketeers tasked with protecting Agnès Oblige in a new quest in the world of Luxendarc. Magnola first appeared in the secret ending movie of Bravely Default, where she attacka a mysterious lab where Tiz Arrior is being observed by scientists. She introduces herself as a "Ba'al Buster," and says Tiz is lucky to live in the same era as her. She then takes Tiz's hand to free him from the lab.

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March 15th - March 29th

Type-0 dragon

Artwork of Ace, Cinque, and Cater fighting Shinryu Celestia from Final Fantasy Type-0. Claes Celestia Misca Sancest, also simply known as "Celestia," is a l'Cie of the Kingdom of Concordia, a nation which prominently uses dragons to fight their battles. Celestia is one of the most powerful warriors of Concordia, and is able to use her l'Cie powers to transform into a powerful Eidolon, Shinryu Celestia, the Type-0 incarnation of the recurring enemy Shinryu.

Celestia's transformation into Shinryu Celestia is similar to Caius Ballad's ability to transform into Chaos Bahamut via an Incarnate Summoning in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is unknown if there is a connection between the two abilities, or if Celestia could summon Shinryu as an independent Eidolon as Caius can do with Bahamut.

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March 8th - March 15th


Wind-Up Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. This wind-up Kain will be available in the first Final Fantasy XIV expansion as a minion that can accompany the player into battle.

Minions in Final Fantasy XIV are miniature, sometimes mechanical toy versions, of existing characters and monsters. Gilgamesh, Shantotto, and The Warrior of Light, are some other characters that have made appearances as Minions.

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February 22nd - March 8th

Final Fantasy XXVII

Poster for Final Fantasy XXVII. This mock-poster for the game can be found on walls throughout Deus Ex: Human Revolution, another video game produced by Square Enix. The Deus Ex series was published by Eidos Interactive until 2009, when Square Enix bought the company.

Presuming the Final Fantasy series ever reaches a twenty-seventh entry many years in the future, it is obviously highly unlikely this woman will actually be featured a character.

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February 15th - February 22nd

Namingway DS Art 2

Artwork of Namingway for Final Fantasy IV DS. In previous releases of the game, Namingway could change the names of the party members freely. Due to the addition of voice-acting, the DS version could not allow this. This results in Namingway being horrified to learn he cannot fulfill his purpose, and he embarks on a quest around the world to re-evaluate his life. The player can encounter Namingway throughout the game going through various ordeals, Namingway changing his own name to suit his circumstances, such as "Mopingway" when his girlfriend breaks up with him.

Namingway's design is very similar to the traditional Moogle, sans the wings and pom-pom. Moogles interestingly do not appear in the world of Final Fantasy IV, with the Namingways seemingly being their substitute.

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February 8th - February 15th

FFX Weapon - Caladbolg

Render of the Caladbolg from Final Fantasy X. The Caladbolg is Tidus's Celestial Weapon, found in the Calm Lands after beating the Chocobo trainer's time in a race. The Sun Crest and Sun Sigil can subsequently be found in the ruins of Zanarkand and won by getting a time of 0 seconds in the Chocobo race. Fully empowered, the Caladbolg gives the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Evade & Counter, and Magic Counter. As with all Celestial Weapons, it ignores an enemy's defense and grows weaker as Tidus's HP decreases, doing 100% damage at full HP.

In the Japanese version of the game, the Caladbolg is called Ultima Weapon, a recurring sword that is often the protagonist's best weapon. The name was changed to Caladbolg for the English release of Final Fantasy X and retained for subsequent games where it appears. The reason for the change is unknown.

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February 1st - February 8th

Amano Origins

Yoshitaka Amano artwork of The Warrior from the original Final Fantasy. This concept art for the Warrior class was largely unused in the original game, the Warrior's sprites instead being predominantly red. An alternate version of the artwork, where the Warrior is recolored red and silver, seems the more probably influence for the in-game design.

This artwork served as the basis for the Warrior of Light's design in Dissidia Final Fantasy, his base armor being derived from the artwork and becoming identical to it in his EX Mode. Since Dissidia, cameo appearances of the Warrior of Light in other games have largely drawn on this design.

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January 25th - February 1st


Render of the Hero's Blade from Final Fantasy XII. A piece of Dummied Content, the Hero's Blade is a one-handed sword with an attack power of 15. It has a unique menu image and makes a unique sound when it strikes enemies.

Though the sword is not obtainable as equipment, it does appear in the game's introductory scene when King Raminas grants the sword to Prince Rasler, and Rasler's official CG render holds the blade in its scabbard. Ashe's promotional poster also depicts her holding the Hero's Blade. It is possible the sword had some sort of plot significance that was cut, or that Ashe would take up Rasler's sword as her own in her fight against the Empire. Given the sword's low attack power, it would likely have been acquired early in the game, possibly as Ashe's initial equip when she joined the party.

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January 18th - January 25th


Yoshitaka Amano artwork of Terra Branford riding Magitek Armor. At the start of Final Fantasy VI, Biggs and Wedge accompany Terra in an attack on Narshe using Magitek Armor. They reach their goal, the frozen esper Valigarmanda, but the creature reacts to Terra's presence and dispatches Biggs and Wedge, then destroys Terra's Magitek Armor.

The image of Terra in the snowfields of Narshe riding Magitek Armor is an iconic image for the game. When Magitek Armor was revealed as upcoming content for Final Fantasy XIV, the reveal trailer recreated the game's opening with a green-haired woman and two armored soldiers riding their mount over a snowy mountain.

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January 11th - January 18th

Blushing Ultros

An image of Ultros from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Ultros features in the Hildibrand side story, a series of comic relief quests featuring the eponymous bumbling gentleman detective. In this storyline, he is the devious secretary of the Coliseum.

As usual, he retains his "fondness" for female characters, and is here seen in the throes of attraction to a female gladiator.

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