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The following is a list of all the Featured Articles on the Final Fantasy Wiki. A featured article is displayed on the front page of the Wiki for a month. Articles are chosen if they are well written and have plenty of information. Ideally, the articles would adhere to the Manual of Style, and they do not contain redlinks, redirects, missing images, incomplete or empty sections and coding errors. Voting for Featured Articles may be found here.

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February 1st, 2015Edit

This Month's Featured Article

Dead Fantasy Title2

Dead Fantasy is a series of fan-made CG action movies created by Monty Oum, starring a cast of characters from the Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, and Kingdom Hearts game franchises, fighting it out against each other "battle royale-style" in a number of different environments, including archaic ruins and modern cities.

Since the first installment of Dead Fantasy, the series has been well-received by the fans of both game series, with trailers, previews and the installments themselves being featured at several gaming conventions. There are six movies in the series, and Oum had confirmed episodes VII, and VIII. It is unknown if these new episodes will be created due to Oum's death on February 1, 2015.

The project for the Dead Fantasy series started in July 2007 after Monty Oum gained acclaim for the creation of the fan made CG movie Haloid, which featured Metroid series's Samus Aran fighting the Halo series's Master Chief. His intention for Dead Fantasy was to create a new CG movie which featured more human characters, instead of simply "humanoid" characters, as was the case in Haloid.

While Monty used the original voices of the Dead or Alive cast, due to lack of voice clips or none at all, he used voices from different sources for the Final Fantasy characters.

The moves the girls execute are not just from their respective series. Monty Oum included salutes to many action games, manga and movies by including famous moves into Dead Fantasy, including moves from Soulcalibur, Tekken and Street Fighter. (more...)

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February 1st, 2015Edit

This Month's Featured Article

LRFFXIII Artwork - Luxerion Cathedral

The metropolis is ruled by the Order, an organization devout to their god, Bhunivelze. The residents spend their days absorbing the teachings of this sacred deity. Metal is a common material found in the various structures of this gothically tinged city. Traveling bags and other ornaments are scattered around, depicting a charming yet surreal atmosphere. As the day draws to an end, the city's serenity is no more. Monsters and other creatures of the night prowl the area, leaving Lightning to fend for her life.
—Official description

Luxerion, the Divine City of Light (光都ルクセリオ, Kouto Rukuserio?) is one of the main locations in Nova Chrysalia in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. A religious organization known as the Order of Salvation is in charge of keeping the peace. The Order worships the deity Bhunivelze, and spreads his teachings to the populace praying for the doomed world's salvation. Snow's chapter in Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence -tracer of memories- reveals Luxerion was the first city built on Nova Chrysalia by the fal'Cie Pandaemonium, which later came to reside in Yusnaan.

After the formation of Nova Chrysalia, Hope Estheim, Snow Villiers, and Noel Kreiss made a pact to find a way to save the decaying world and established Luxerion before Snow became the patron of Yusnaan. When Hope disappeared 331 years after Nova Chrysalia's formation, it left a power vacuum the Order of Salvation exploited. Noel, burdened by guilt, took residence in the rundown area of Luxerion, the Warren, and came to be known as the vigilante "Shadow Hunter". (more...)

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January 1st, 2015Edit

This Month's Featured Article

FFVI Android Blitz - Phantom Rush

The master's teachings, must use a Blitz technique.

Blitz (必殺技, Hissatsu Waza?, lit. Special Move) is Sabin Rene Figaro's special command ability in Final Fantasy VI. Input using buttons or touch inputs, Blitz relies on the players' memory to effectively use, but can be potentially devastating. It deals damage based on Sabin's Magic stat, and not on any additional equipment. The hidden character Gogo may also use the Blitz command. When the game is played with two players on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions, if one player presses any buttons while the other is attempting to input a Blitz command, the Blitz will fail.

Sabin learns new Blitzes as he levels up, normally, similar to how Terra and Celes earn magic by leveling. The exception to this rule is Phantom Rush, which can be learned regardless of Sabin's level by visiting Duncan in his cabin, in the World of Ruin. All Blitzes are unblockable.

The Phantom Train is vulnerable to Sabin's Meteor Strike, called Suplex in the Super Nintendo localization. A suplex is a throw which usually involves arching/bridging either overhead or twisting to the side, so the opponent is slammed to the mat back-first. Sabin's ability to do this with a train has become an inside joke among fans. (more...)

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