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Welcome to the "Did You Know" project page. Here, you may list interesting trivia and information to be shared with readers of the Final Fantasy Wiki. Of course, you need to sign up first. And please don't despair if the trivia you listed was removed. Suggestions can also be made at the specified talk page.

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  • …in the GBA, PS, PSP and iPhone/iPad versions of Final Fantasy, a gravestone in Elfheim reads, "Here Lies Link," a reference to Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda?
  • …the original Final Fantasy is the most widely released game in the series, and is available on eight different platforms?
  • …the original Final Fantasy has smaller overall HP and damage outputs than its main series successors, resulting in characters with three-digit HP and a 2000-HP final boss?
  • Final Fantasy II is the first main Final Fantasy game that doesn't use levels to govern stat growth?
  • Final Fantasy II on the NES has the smallest inventory in the series, allowing for only 32 individual items? This is further exacerbated with Key Items being stored in the inventory, leading to a total of merely 18 available items that can be stored by end game.
  • Final Fantasy II is the first Final Fantasy game featuring a battle the player is supposed to lose?
  • Final Fantasy III is the first game in the series to have auto-targeting physical attacks for the original release?
  • Final Fantasy IV is the first Final Fantasy game with romantic elements between playable characters?
  • Final Fantasy V was the first game in the series with infinite inventory space?
  • Final Fantasy V is the only main series Final Fantasy game to have more playable female characters than playable male characters?
  • Final Fantasy V is the only main series Final Fantasy game to have the number of playable characters equal to its chronological number?
  • Final Fantasy VI was the first game to allow the player to change party members? This also led to optionally recruitable characters, some of them hidden.
  • …that Final Fantasy VI has one of the longest endings of any Super NES game, taking a half hour to sit through entirely?
  • Final Fantasy VII is the highest selling game in the entire series with over eleven million copies sold?
  • Final Fantasy VII's development team was historically largest in its time, and included Hollywood CG artists that worked on movies such as Jurassic Park and Terminator 2?
  • Final Fantasy VII was originally planned for the SNES, and would have taken place in the real-world New York?
  • Final Fantasy VII was the first game in the main series that was in a modern-style setting, including decidedly modern technology such as cars, motorcycles and TVs?
  • Final Fantasy VIII was the first game in the series to utilize realistically proportioned character models and motion capture to do character animations?
  • Final Fantasy IX was originally intended to be a spin-off and not part of the main series?
  • Final Fantasy IX contains allusions and references to all previous main series Final Fantasy games, numerous spin-off games, and other Square games?
  • Final Fantasy IX contains a well-hidden sidequest that remained undiscovered by most western gamers until 13 years after the game's release?
  • Final Fantasy X is the second game in the main series to do away with character levels?
  • Final Fantasy X is the last game to allow the player to name the main character?
  • Final Fantasy X is the first main series game to allow you to switch characters in the middle of battle?
  • Final Fantasy X-2 is the only game in the series to have an all-female playable cast?
  • …there are at least 3,500 (and counting) separate enemies in Final Fantasy XI, more than any other game in the series?
  • Final Fantasy XIII is the only main title Final Fantasy that heals all characters between battles?
  • Final Fantasy XIII is the fastest selling game in the series, having sold over 1.7 million copies in the first two weeks?
  • all voiced cutscenes in Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0) are in English, regardless of the version played?
  • players have used their Goobue mounts to form "protective walls" around Ul'dah during the final Seventh Umbral Era events in Final Fantasy XIV; this fact is mentioned as a canon event in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Final Fantasy XV has had the longest development time of any game in the franchise?
  • The Final Fantasy Legend, and its two sequels, are not actually Final Fantasy games, but are instead part of the SaGa series?
  • Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XIII are the only games in the main series where magic is a rarity tied into the plot instead of being an element of everyday life?
  • Vagrant Story is the only non-Final Fantasy title to be an official part of Ivalice lore?
  • Vagrant Story itself was only the first half of its own story named as The Phantom Pain, and that its remaining content was cut and meant to be a sequel that never saw the light of day?
  • Final Fantasy was meant to be Hironobu Sakaguchi's all or nothing project as Square faced bankruptcy in the late 1980s, and that if he failed, it would have been the last video game he ever made?


  • Sarah is a recurring name for princesses in the series?
  • Faris Scherwiz was originally planned as a gambler type character, and after being changed into a pirate instead, her early concept was used as inspiration for the character Setzer Gabbiani?
  • Terra Branford is the first female main protagonist in the main series?
  • Exdeath is the first antagonist in the series to alter his world drastically during the course of his game?
  • Sephiroth has appeared in over a dozen different Final Fantasy games?
  • Rydia is the first character to age significantly during the course of a game?
  • Fusoya was the first fully non-human playable character, a Lunarian?
  • Mog was the first playable moogle in the series?
  • Lenna and Faris are the first playable princesses in the series?
  • Red XIII is the only quadrupedal playable character in the main series?
  • Kefka's inhuman act of poisoning a castle's water supply was previously done by the Emperor of Palamecia?
  • Guy is the first character in the series who can talk to animals (beavers in his case)?
  • Aki Ross's hair is made up of 60,000 individually rendered strands?
  • Aki Ross was named #87 on Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100" list for 2001, and is the only fictional character ever to make the list?
  • Umaro is the only playable character in the series whose battle actions can never be controlled?
  • Fang was originally designed as a male character?
  • Fran is a shortened form of the name "Frances", is Latin in origin and means "free"?
  • Faris Scherwiz was originally planned as a gambler named Eva Scherwil, but the developers encountered difficulties in making her fit in the game's atmosphere, and changed her into a pirate? Setzer Gabbiani from Final Fantasy VI evolved from this early Eva concept.
  • Mayor Domino and his deputy Hart's (called Hut in the Japanese version) names are references to pizza chains? This is because the city of Midgar is sometimes referred to as being a "pizza".
  • Lightning's Japanese given name, Éclair, is a French word for "Lightning"?
  • …The playable characters of Final Fantasy XIII either knew or saw each other from afar during the thirteen days before the events of the game took place, and they were unknowingly all together beforehand on the night of the fireworks festival in Bodhum?


  • Poison is the most recurring status ailment in the series, appearing in every installment?
  • …a Wyvern is summonable in battle in Final Fantasy II, making it the first summonable creature in the series?
  • Phoenix is named after an Egyptian, Phoenician and ultimately Greek deity of rebirth?
  • Ultima is not the most powerful spell in some of the games in which it appears?
  • Ifrit was called "Jinn" in the American version of Final Fantasy IV, called Final Fantasy II on the SNES?
  • Ramuh was called "Indra" in the American version of Final Fantasy IV, called Final Fantasy II on the SNES?
  • …the name of the recurring item Mythril is derived from a metal called Mithril, appearing in J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional universe featured in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings?
  • …the Rat Tail is a recurring item in the series that, sounding worthless, can usually be exchanged for great rewards?
  • …the recurring item Bacchus's Wine that induces Berserk derives its name from Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, vineyards, theater, and insanity?


  • …the Masamune appears in every main Final Fantasy title except Final Fantasy XIII?
  • …the Ultima Weapon is often the strongest weapon in the games in which it appears, but is occasionally not?
  • …the Icebrand weapon appears in the most Final Fantasy games overall — a total of 31 times?
  • Mythril equipment is the most recurring, and most varied, type of equipment in the series?
  • …the Onion equipment has appeared as both the strongest and the weakest type of equipment?
  • …the recurring sword Ragnarok is named after the Norse mythological battle that is said to end the world?
  • …there were originally only six job classes and now there are almost 100?
  • …the Enterprise, the Falcon and the Invincible are the only recurring airships in the series?
  • …the Onion Knight job class draws its inspiration from tales of common children not liking vegetables, and overcoming this weakness, as a mark of heroes?
  • Final Fantasy XII is the first main series game in which KO'd characters disappear as opposed to falling over and passing out?
  • …In the Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System a number of new weapons are added, each with a letter at the end of their name? In order from the weakest to the strongest weapon, the letters spell out FINAL FANTASY.
  • "Chiriji Raden Kazari Tsurugi" is the true name of the Chirijiraden weapon?
  • …that each console the Final Fantasy main series up to Final Fantasy XII has been originally released on (NES, SNES, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2) has had three main series games?
  • …There are over ten different names used for summons in the series?
  • "Blue Fields" was the first main theme that included the use of a real instrument (xylophone), instead of just synthesizers?
  • …the Final Fantasy series draws liberally from Japanese, Greek, Hindu, and Judeo-Christian mythology?
  • "Battle at the Big Bridge" is the most officially recorded of all the tracks in the Final Fantasy series, having ten official arrangements in total?
  • …the entire fight sequence between Tifa Lockhart and Loz in Advent Children has been duplicated for Korean pop singer Ivy MV's "Sonata of Temptation" music video? The music video was banned and singer Ivy was sued by Square Enix for copyright infringement.
  • …the electronic board in the Purge train in Final Fantasy XIII displays references to the stations of a Soubu Main Line railway line in Japan through displaying the words "CHIBA", "INAGE", etc. in Cocoon script?
  • Vaan is the first leading protagonist in the main series whom the player cannot name for themselves?
  • Phoenix Downs work as offerings to the mythical Phoenix itself to return recently departed souls, with beauty and aesthetics as a crucial factor?
  • Disney once commissioned a Final Fantasy comic, and work on it was started before the idea was scrapped, as evidenced by this cover art?
  • …the Chimera is the only monster to have appeared in some form in all of the first twelve games of the main series?

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