The Articles to Move project is a project that aims to keep track of pages that require renaming, or pages that require content being merged with other pages, or split into different pages.


This project involves keeping track of when articles require renaming. This is detailed at the naming policy. Specifically, pages may require moving to a different tag, to disambiguate from a page with a similar name. Other useful links are Forum:Enemy-Creature Tag and Project:Disambiguation Pages.

Any logged in user can move a page in the pure moving list and relink, though the redirect should often be deleted. It is best to check the WhatLinksHere for a page before adding it to one of the lists, and if there are not many links to it, it may be easier to relink yourself. Otherwise, it is better for Intangir Bot to do it, as it can do the job faster and more efficiently (and without leaving talk page notifications or RecentChanges messages). Bot users will move pages from this list, so all page move requests should be placed here.


Pure movingEdit

Any user can move a page listed here. Please add to the list and a bot will move it.

  1. Trick Attack - Move to something else due to FFRK/MFF ability.
  2. Iron Will - Move to Iron Will (Final Fantasy XI)?? Assuming RW is the same kanji as XI or not. Needs to be moved to make room for disambig.
  3. Third Pilgrimage - Move to Third Pilgrimage (Record Keeper) due to FFRK/FFBE abilities

Debate required firstEdit

Discussion may be required before moving these pages. Please visit the talk page of the page listed first.

  1. Visage and Vysage - See note above their respected pages.
  2. Heart of Chaos - term/plot device in XIII-2, and also an enemy ability in the same game. Also see talk page.
  3. Thamasa - FFBE boss, but also a town in FFVI
  4. Blind (status) - Move to Darkness (status)? Seems to be the most recurring name.
  5. Flame/Ice/Thunder Rod - Check to see which are the actual rods, and then split accordingly if need be. For instance, FFRK's Flame Rod and Ice Rod for FFIII use the kanjis for Flameshard and Frostshard from FFIVDS respectively.
  6. Gunner - Move to Gunner (job) due to FFBE passive?
  7. Hero's Shield - Move to Hero's Shield (equipment) due to FFTS ability?
  8. Darksteel Shield - Move to Darksteel Shield (equipment) due to FFTS ability?
  9. Forest of the Fey - Move to (Dimensions) tag due to FFTS location??
  10. Maiden's Kiss - Move to Maiden's Kiss (item) due to Fables card?
  11. Avalanche (ability) - See Talk page.
  12. Element Drive - Not sure on this one. Both FFRK and MFF use the same kanji and whatnot, but...hmm...
  13. Soma Drop - Move to Soma Drop (item) due to MFF ability?
  14. Wood Eater - Move to Wood Eater (Dimensions) due to FFBE enemy?
  15. Desert Baretta - Move to Desert Baretta (Final Fantasy) due to FFBE enemy?
  16. Shantak - Move to Shantak (Final Fantasy X-2) due to FFBE enemy?
  17. Wood Toad - Move to Wood Toad (Final Fantasy XII) due to FFBE enemy?
  18. Biding Mantis - Move to Biding Mantis (Final Fantasy XII) due to FFBE enemy?
  19. Hidon - Move to Hidon (Final Fantasy VI) due to FFBE enemy?
  20. Roundworm - Move to Roundworm (Final Fantasy II) due to FFBE enemy?
  21. First Strike (ability) - Possibility of splitting? See Talk page for more details. This one is tricky.
  22. Oiseaurare - Move to Oiseaurare (Final Fantasy V) due to FFBE enemy?
  23. Dinictus - Move to Dinictus (Final Fantasy X-2) due to FFBE enemy?
  24. Pyralis - Move to Pyralis (Final Fantasy III) due to FFBE enemy??
  25. Stone Mask - Move to Stone Mask (Final Fantasy V) due to FFBE enemy?
  26. Wyvern Lord - Move to Wyvern Lord (Final Fantasy XII) due to FFBE enemy?
  27. Sorath - Move to Sorath (Final Fantasy VI) due to FFBE enemy?
  28. Suteki da ne: Move to Suteki da ne (song) or whatever, due to MFF ability?
  29. Flaremancer - Move to Flaremancer (Final Fantasy V) due to JP enemy?

*The following are all for enemies, and thus requires a bit more discussion*

  1. Hell's Rider/Hell Rider VR2 - What to do about this? They both share the same kanji, and a FFBE enemy also shares the same kanji?
  2. White Dragon - This one is tricky. FFIV is not White Dragon but Pale Dragon, same as FFBE's enemy. The enemy doesn't need moved but...what to do about these two being the same enemy?
  3. Mighty Golem - Move to Mighty Golem (Dimensions) due to MFF ability/card/enemy???


These pages require splitting to separate pages.

  1. Deluge - See Talk Page.
  2. Hide - Split into Hide (ability) and Hide (status), much like how there's Jump (ability) and Jump (status).
  3. Defend (ability) - See Talk page.
  4. Spellbound - See Talk page.
  5. Counter (ability)
  6. Sticky Fingers - See Talk page.
  7. Steal Gil - See Talk page.
  8. Sandstorm - See Talk page.
  9. Souleater
  10. Warcry
  11. Provoke (ability)
  12. Battle Cry
  13. Shockwave
  14. Lightning (ability)
  15. Rush - Many wrong abilities on this page...may need to move this page to something more recent and disambig the main page.
  16. Acid - See Talk:Acid.


These pages require merging to a larger page.

  1. Blood Drain & Vampire (ability) - Merge Blood Drain into Vampire (ability). See if any other abilities share the same kanji and romanji, and merge those as well.
  2. Cheer & Boost (ability) - Several abilities are not on the proper pages and need to be moved to the right pages.
  3. Digestive Acid & Gastric Juice

Link fixingEdit

These pages are already moved, but links need fixing.


These pages need links to be cleaned up.

  1. Counter (ability)
  2. Mucus
  3. Tongue (ability)
  4. Protective Armlet
  5. Flamethrower/Flame (ability) - Apparently they both are using 火炎放射 as their kanji...someone needs to doublecheck these abilities and clean them up!
  6. Headbutt (ability)

Articles not on navboxesEdit

These pages are where they should be, but are not used on enough navboxes

  1. Armor Break (ability) - Only on Magic template for Deprotect.
  2. Lunge (ability) - Nowhere.
  3. Magic Break (ability) - Only on Magic template for Defaith.
  4. Mental Break (ability) - Only on Magic template for Deshell.
  5. Power Break (ability) - Only on Magic template for Debrave.
  6. Sange - Only on FFXI template.