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The Articles to Make project is a project that aims to list pages that need creating, and to keep track of pages that may need creating later.


Before you start this project, make sure to check similar pages to the page you're creating (if you're making an item page, please check the item pages first). Beyond this, it's recommended that you check the layout guide. If you're struggling with writing prose, please read the style guide for help.

The Article Creation Policy is what currently determines whether or not an article should be created. If there are any ambiguities or issues with the policy, please discuss them at Rin's Travel Agency or its talk page.

Anything bolded in the list denotes that the article requires creation immediately, as it has enough appearances in the series. If you're not sure whether or not an article needs creating, please discuss it at the talk page.




2 Games:Edit

  1. Alarm Earrings - FFVI, BD
  2. Diamond Bracelet - VIICC, FFT (Type-0 is not the same as these)
  3. Dragon Horn - FFVI, DFF
  4. Faerie Bracelet - VIICC, FFD
  5. Gold Choker - FFIX, FFRK
  6. Gris-Gris Bag - VIICC, FFX-2
  7. Leather Shoes - FFV, FFLIII
  8. Potpourri - FFX-2, FFXV
  9. Rebirth Ring - FFIX, FFRK
  10. Rune Bracer - FFIII, FFX-2
  11. Sniper Soul - DFF, FFRK
  12. Sorcerer's Mantle - FFV, FFBE
  13. Wall Ring - FFX-2, FFBE

3 Games:Edit

  1. Archer's Ring - FFXI, FFXIV, FFRK
  2. Berserker Ring - FFVI, DFF, D012
  3. Black Ring - FFX-2, FFXI, FF: 4HoL
  4. Blazer Gloves - FFXII, XIIRW, FFRK
  5. Doc's Code - VIICC, FFXIII (Accessory). FFVIII (Item).
  6. Earth Ring - FFXIII, FFTS, FFBE
  7. Ember Ring - FFXIII, XIII-2, FFTS
  8. Fake Mustache - FFVI, DFF, D012
  9. Gil Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD
  10. Guard Ring - FFVI, FFLTNS, FFBE
  11. Level Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD
  12. Mythril Bracer - FFIII, FFX (Armor). Type-0 (Accessory)
  13. Platinum Ring - FFX, FFXI, FFXIII-2, FFLTNS
  14. Protect Vest - VII, VIICC, FFRK
  15. Rare Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD
  16. Runic Ring - LRFFXIII, RoF, EoT
  17. Treasure Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD



  1. Al Bhed Potion - FFX (Item), FFBE (Ability)
  2. Armguard - FFX, FFXII, FFT, FFTA2, FFRK (Look into each one to see if they match)
  3. Auto Crossbow - FFXV, FFD, DFF, D012
  4. Blessed Ring - FFX, FFXIV, RoF, EoT
  5. Crystal Fragments - FFD (Song), PFF (Material), FFRK (Ability)
  6. Crystals' Blessing - Type-0 (Song), FFRK, FFBE
  7. Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Mobile
  8. Elemental Guard - FFVIII, FFX, D012
  9. Escort Guard/Safe Passage - FFVII, VIICC, FFX
  10. Extranger - FFRK, MFF
  11. Force Armlet - FFVIII, BD, FFRK
  12. Leather Suit - D012, TFFCC, FFAB, FFArt, FFRK, FFTCG (For Tifa)
  13. Magic Armlet: FFVII (Item). FFIX, FFX (Armor). BD, FFRK (Accessory)
  14. Moon Ring - FFX, FFXI, FFXII, FFTA2
  15. Noiseblaster - FFVI (Item/Ability), FFAB (Ability), FFEx (Weapon)
  16. NulFrost Ring - FFX, FFX-2, FFBE
  17. Pendalum - FFX, FFXV
  18. Purifying Salt - FFX, FFXV
  19. Purple Chocobo - FFXIII-2, CS
  20. Regen Bangle - FFX (Armor). FFX-2, FFD (Accessory)
  21. Regen Ring - FFVIII, FFX, FFD, FFBE
  22. Rocket Engine - FFVIII, DFF, PFF
  23. Sapphire Ring - FFX, FFXI, FFXII: RW
  24. Shadow Mask - FFI, FFXI, FFRK
  25. Shear Feather - FFVIII, PFF, FFRK
  26. Shell Ring - FFX, FFXI, FFD
  27. Steel Gloves - FFI, FFD, FFRK (FFRK needs confirmed)
  28. Tetra Elemental - FFVII, FFX, FFRK
  29. Wind Flute - FFII (Item), FFAB (Ability)
  30. Wizard Shield - FFX, FFXI, FFXV
  31. Iffrey - PFF, WoFF
  32. Ifreeta - MFF, WoFF
  33. Thunder Guy - PFF, WoFF




  1. Green Mage - FFTA2, FFTS
  2. Spellblade (Job) - FFTA2, FFTS
  3. Sniper (Job) - FFTA, FFTA2, FFTS, PFF
  4. Musician (Job) - FFTS, BD
  5. Vampire (Job) - FFTS, BD
  6. Evoker (Job) - FFIII, PFF, FFA, FFTCG
  7. Tinker (Job) - FFTA2, FFTS, Crystals Defender?
  8. Fusilier - FFTA, FFTS
  9. Moogle Knight/Mog Knight - FFTA, FFTA2, FFTS?
  10. Chocobo Knight - FFTA2, FFTS?
  11. Flintlock - FFTA2, FFTS, CD?
  12. Lanistsa - FFTA2, FFTS?
  13. Raptor (Job) - FFTA2, FFTS?
  14. Arithmetician (Job) - FFT, PFF, FFArt


  1. Forest Owls' Base (or whatever its official name is in FFVIII)
  2. Macalania - Make into parent page.
  3. End of Dreams - Location in Revenant Wings.



  1. Drain: FFVIII, MLaaD
  2. Charging: FFIV, FFT
  3. Golem: FFV, FFVI (Unless we want to merge this into Stoneskin)
  4. Boost: FFTA, FFTA2
  5. Expert Guard: FFTA
  6. Quicken: FFTA, FFTA2


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