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"The fifth was a little girl dying in a hospital emergency room. I retrieved the sample in time but she..."

―Aki Ross, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Did you know that...
  • ...Final Fantasy II on the NES has the smallest inventory in the series, allowing for only 32 individual items? This is further exacerbated with Key Items being stored in the inventory, leading to a total of merely 18 available items that can be stored by end game.
  • ...Zidane Tribal is the first protagonist in the series to be a Thief?
  • ...Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy are the only PSP games in the entire series to utilize the Quicksave feature?
  • ...the Chimera is the only monster to have appeared in some form in all of the first twelve games of the main series?

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