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Final Fantasy VI Stars☆Vol.1 (ファイナルファンタジー VI スターズVol.1) contains five tracks from the Original soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI. During the Final Fantasy series' SNES era NTT Publishing released some promotional albums with 8cm discs, and the Stars albums follow the trend.

If the buyer of both Vol.1 and Vol.2 sent the corners of both Stars singles to NTT Publishing, they received a keychain showing the Final Fantasy VI cast, the picture on the keychain being a smaller and combined version of the covers of both Stars singles.

Track list Edit

  1. "Tina (ティナのテーマ, [missing rōmaji]?) - 3:55
  2. "Edgar and Mash" (エドガ-、マッシュのテーマ, [missing rōmaji]?) - 2:40
  3. "Stragus" (ストラゴスのテーマ, [missing rōmaji]?) - 2:14
  4. "Gau" (ガウのテーマ, [missing rōmaji]?) - 1:52
  5. "Cayenne" (カイエンのテーマ, [missing rōmaji]?) - 2:24

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