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The following is a list of version differences between the various ports of Final Fantasy V.

Super FamicomEdit

Original release for Japan only.

RPGe Fan TranslationEdit

  • Kururu has been renamed "Cara".

PlayStation and PSOne ClassicEdit

  • Based on the Super Famicom version, now with full English translation.
  • Loading times due to the CD format, most notably before every battle.
  • Faris has a pirate accent.
  • The battle transitions from the SFC version have been replaced with a single 3D transition.

Game Boy AdvanceEdit

  • New translation scripts.
  • Optimized background music.
  • Portraits for important characters were implemented to dialogue windows.
  • Bestiary was added.
  • Music Player was added.
  • Battle backgrounds were changed.
  • Quick Save function was added.
  • Multi-player option was removed.
  • 4 additional jobs; Necromancer, Cannoneer, Gladiator, and Oracle.
  • A new bonus dungeon, the Sealed Temple was added.
  • Enuo can be fought as an optional boss.


  • Altered graphics.
  • New character sprites similar to Final Fantasy Dimensions, new enemy sprites.
  • Battle backgrounds were redrawn.
  • New character portraits for dialogue windows.
  • Touchscreen function and a new UI.
  • Auto-battle function is added.
  • Achievements have been added.
  • Translation scripts are based on the Game Boy Advance version.
  • All new content from the Game Boy Advance version was included.
  • The music is of the original Super Famicom version quality.
  • Cloud saving.


  • Based on the Android version.
  • Updated controls and active-time battle system are optimized for fluid combat for PC.
  • Steam trading cards and achievements.
  • Customizable keyboard and controller mappings.

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