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The following is a list of version differences between the two ports of Final Fantasy Tactics. Throughout the two releases of the game, it has been subject to major alteration to the game script and overall difficulty. The second version also has various new additions not present in the original release of the game.

PlayStation releaseEdit

  • The game was made a little easier by lowering the JP cost of most abilities and for job unlocking.
  • Generic unit's quotes on the menu screen were all replace by "..." when pressing the Select button on their names. Only the special units retained their quotes.
  • The four Sound Novel minigames were made unavailable to the player and left untranslated within the data.

The War of the LionsEdit

PlayStation PortableEdit

  • Retranslation: practically all dialogues, locations, characters/monsters, items, abilities and jobs have been changed (e.g. Priest is now called White Mage; Cidolfas Orlandu is now called Cidolfus Orlandeau); English versions now have text in a style similar to the "medieval" Old English.
  • Game difficulty (for the English versions) adjusted to match the original Japanese version.
  • Increased JP cost for most abilities and for job unlocking.
  • Additional story battles, side-quests and events.
  • Multiplayer system via Ad Hoc Mode.
  • New items (most obtained through Multiplayer mode).
  • All game-breaking glitches have been fixed: Infinite JP glitch, Item Duplication glitch, Poaching glitch, Ghost Chocobo riding glitch, Quickening glitch and Jump glitches.
  • The special quotes when using abilities during battle (such as White Magic and Swordplay) have been removed from the US/EU versions of War of the Lions (still present in the Japanese version, though).
  • The generic unit's quote were restored, can be viewed by pressing the Select button on the units name.
  • Oil status, which had no effect in the original game, now works: it doubles Fire damage received.
  • Full animated movies with voices and subtitles now replace some specific key story cutscenes (Japanese version does not contain voice acting); this includes the intro and ending sequences (which were CG movies in the original game).
  • Job Demonstration Movie and "Lion War Movie", both seen in the original game by waiting at the title screen, are not present in War of the Lions.
  • When choosing Ramza's birthdate at the start of the game, the game now displays which Zodiac sign will result from the date entered.
  • New calendar that displays dates in the Zodiac format (e.g. Aries 12) rather than using the Gregorian Calendar (January to December).
  • Two new jobs added: Onion Knight and Dark Knight.
  • Two new characters added: Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Balthier from Final Fantasy XII.
  • Cloud Strife can be recruited earlier in Chapter IV.
  • Roster size increased from 16 to 24.
  • Unyielding Blade skills from Meliadoul, Folmarv and Orlandeau have been upgraded to damage enemies even if they're not using the specific piece of equipment (although will still fail if said enemy has the Safeguard skill); this means monsters can also be damaged by such skills.
  • Some status-change icons have been changed.
  • Every time a spell is cast or a certain action is performed, the game slows down.


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