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Final Fantasy Portal App

The Final Fantasy Portal App (ファイナルファンタジー ポータルアプリ, Fainaru Fantajī Pōtaru Apuri?), is a free smartphone app developed by Square Enix. The app will allow fans to check the newest information about the franchise, and will also have the Final Fantasy VIII minigame Triple Triad available to play within the app.

By registering their Square Enix ID and playing Triple Triad, players can receive points that they can exchange for digital contents. Triple Triad will have cards with illustrations from characters throughout the franchise's history. The mini-game will also be able to share cards with the Final Fantasy XIV version of Triple Triad.

The app was released in Japan in February 4, 2015.[1] The Triple Triad mini-game was made available on April 1, 2015.[2] The app was released in English August 19, 2015.


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