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Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō is an Android/iOS free-to-play game developed by Square Enix, and is the second game released with the "Final Fantasy Legends" title after Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi (which was localized under the name Final Fantasy Dimensions). It revolves around traveling through time in order to save the world from a god.[2]. Toki no Suishō (時空ノ水晶?) literally translates to "Crystal of Space-Time".


Battle systemEdit

FFLTnS Battle System

Combat screenshot.

Battle encounters are presented in rounds that start once the player enters a battle zone on the world map. Once a player enters a zone, they will have to fight a barrage of enemies until they reach the end. Entering a battle zone cost stamina points (AP). Players can choose to escape a battle, if they find themselves overwhelmed by the enemies, however, any loot obtained during the battle will be forfeit. The loot will also be forfeit if they lose the battle.

The game uses a turn-based battle system, similar to the Conditional Turn-Based Battles used in Final Fantasy X. Only a maximum of three party members can fight in battle, with the character Mootie taking up a support role. In battle, Mootie will never take damage from enemies since it cannot be targeted.

In battle, party member commands are present on a dual-sided command ring, one side with the character's normal battle abilities and the other for summon special attacks. This allows the three members to have up to five actions on each side; a regular physical attack in the ring's middle and four abilities from summon stones equipped to the party members before entering a battle zone.

In addition, each character has three consumption meters that can be filled in battle. Characters receive 20%-60% of a consumption meter point for each action they make and can use consumption meter points to summon their equipped summons.

Battles run on a chain meter to determine the amount of rewards a player can select from chests after completing a battle zone. The meter loses points for taking actions from both the party and enemies, but players can raise the meter with crystals that drop in battle by defeating enemies or by using a summon's special attack. This chain meter can reach a maximum of 4.

Active command battleEdit

FFLTnS ActiveCommandBattle

A new mode introduced in version 2.2.0.

Under this mode, players can choose to either double their battle speed while fighting the monsters, or select the skills their characters will use while under the "Auto" state.

Character jump insEdit

FFLTnS JorneeJumpIn

Jornee jumping in with her ability to assist the party.

Sometimes when a character finishes his or her turn, another party member who is not in the current party will "Jump in" and assist with an ability which attack all enemies. The damage of the ability will change with the overall stats of said party member, and the level of the ability will increase along with the quality of phantom stones equipped. The ability level ranges from one to nine.

Character Element Buff Target SP Effects
Morrow None None None
Aemo Light All Allies Att up 3 turns
Wrieg Earth All Enemies Spd down 3 turns
Jornee Water All Allies Magic up 3 turns
Parai Fire All Enemies Att down 3 turns
Maina Wind All Allies Spd up 3 turns
Deathlord Dark All Enemies Magic down 3 turns


FFLSTC Cash Shop

The summon draw menu.

Summons play a pivotal role in a character's stats and abilities. Abilities may only be used when equipped with a certain phantom stone. In addition, character stats can only be increased by equipping weapons or accessories, or obtaining memory fragments and upgrading summon phantom stones.

Space-Time Stones (STS) are the main in-game currency used. It is given to players for free in events, storyline quests, daily rewards & missions. It can be used to open treasure chests at a cost of 30 STS each, or players can invest 300 STS or 3,000 STS in the cash shop itself.

Proceeding the arrival of year 2016, the cash shop has been split into two or more unique cash-shops that require different amounts of STS to use them. For example, the event cash shop follows the standard method of summon. Players may access different cash shops by swapping left and right while in the cash shop main menu.

FFLTnS Summondiagram

Summon probability. This probability will change sometimes, but will always revert to the old one shown here.

  • 300 Space-Time stones or 1 Summon Voucher = one random phantom stone 4★ and above
  • 3000 Space-Time stones = 10/12 random phantom stones, with one being 5★ and above.

The second cash shop, which may sometimes appear in events, requires players to invest a fixed amount of 3,000 STS, which they will receive ten or twelve phantom stones. The rank of the acquired phantom stones may not be high, but the output rank would increase slightly upon continuous usage of said cash shop.

Sometimes the game will give additional rewards for investing 3,000 STS on their cash shop. such as Babil points for use in Tower of Babil, Limit Drops, Pink Tails of the highest rank and so on.

FFLTnS SuckyGacha

The player is rewarded with five Pink Tail VIs for investing 3,000 STS in the cash shop.

Summons can be leveled and can be upgraded in rank after their phantom stone has reached the max level. Upgrading phantom stones require the player to have the summon fully leveled on its current rank. However, once a summon's phantom stone is upgraded in rank, they revert to level 1 again and must be leveled up once more. All phantom stones have a maximum rank of various stars, and the highest out of them is 8★.

Rank # Max Level Rank # Max Level
1 10 2 20
3 30 4 40
5 50 6 60
7 70 8(5★ - 8★) 80
8(6★ - 8★) 99

Treasure chest RewardsEdit

After every battle, the player is rewarded with treasure chests. Players are able to open a certain number of chests depending on their crystal value when the battle ends. Depending on the crystal value, players are able to open more treasure boxes at the end and a secret reward is unlocked when the player reaches over "4" crystals in a battle. Most battles contain seven treasure chests including the secret chest.

"CHAIN" will be displayed if players defeat two monsters without interruption. Under "CHAIN", all monsters will reel in 0.2 crystals when defeated. However, "CHAIN" will disappear if the player lets monsters use any skills or attacks.

  • Normal monster crystal drop: 0.1
  • Chain monster crystal drop: 0.2
  • Boss monster crystal drop: 0.5-4.9
  • Initial crystal value: 2.5
  • Party member's death: -0.5
  • Each turn passed for each party member while having 0/1 kill count: -0.1

Current eventEdit

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Hourglass stationEdit

The hourglass station contains memory fragments of characters that permanently increases their stats. Upon receiving the memory fragment, the player must go to the memory keeper at the "Rift in Time" dimension to exchange them for permanent additional stat boosts.

Storyline updatesEdit

The story is newly released on the first day of a new month. When a new chapter is released, new phantom stones and items will be introduced and added to the game, players also need to update their current version of the game from time to time. New foes are introduced every chapter, new gemstones are added, new Hourglass station is added in the battle area.

Story Line # Release Date Main Updates Title Name
1-1 12.02.15 The story starts
1-2 26.02.15 Magic City, Mysidia
1-3 12.03.15 Elves from the West, Dwarves from the East
2-1 27.03.15 Jornee joins Condemnation of the Destruction God
2-2 14.04.15 Mysidia Crisis
3-1 30.04.15 Parai joins Lost Magic
3-2 18.05.15 East and West of Bridge
4-1 11.06.15 Maina joins Creeping Threats
4-2 01.07.15 Identity of the Ghost Ship
5-1 01.08.15 Time of Chaos
5-2 01.09.15 Bonds that exceed time
6-1 01.10.15 The Crystal's Revival
6-2 01.11.15 A New World
6-3#1 01.12.15 And, over time.
6-3#2 22.12.15 And, over time. (part 2)
7-1#1 01.03.16 Whereabouts of the New World
7-1#2 15.03.16 Bonds of the Eidolons
7-1#3 29.03.16 The Future of Mysidia
7-2 05.04.16 The Aloof Dark Elf
  • The format is Day.Month.Year

Memory FragmentsEdit

# Morrow Aemo Wrieg Jornee Parai Maina Deathlord
1 10 Speed 10 Magic 10 Attack 60 MP 300 HP 30 Speed
2 10 Attack 20 MP 10 Speed 30 Magic 30 Attack 300 HP
3 100 HP 10 Attack 100 HP 10 Speed 30 Magic 60 MP
4 10 Magic 10 Speed 10 Magic 100 HP 60 MP 30 Attack
5 20 MP 100 HP 20 MP 10 Attack 10 Speed 30 Magic
6 20 Speed 20 Magic 20 Attack 20 Speed 20 Speed 30 Speed
7 20 Attack 40 MP 20 Speed 200 HP 300 HP 300 HP
8 200 HP 20 Attack 200 HP 20 Attack 30 Attack 60 MP
9 20 Magic 20 Speed 20 Magic 60 MP 30 Magic 30 Attack
10 40 MP 200 HP 40 MP 30 Magic 60 MP
11 30 Speed 30 Magic 30 Attack 30 Speed 30 Speed
12 30 Attack 60 MP 30 Speed 300 HP
13 300 HP 30 Attack 300 HP 30 Attack
14 30 Magic 30 Speed 30 Magic
15 60 MP 300 HP 60 MP

Accumulated StatsEdit

Character HP MP Attack Magic Speed Special Ability
Morrow 856 145 82 80 75 All Skills cost 2/3 MP.
Aemo 810 155 80 85 71 Light Skills cost 1/2 MP.
Wrieg 898 150 85 80 73 Earth Skills cost 1/2 MP.
Jornee 792 170 78 95 70 Water Skills cost 1/2 MP.
Parai 920 145 90 70 69 Fire Skills cost 1/2 MP.
Maina 825 152 81 78 78 Wind Skills cost 1/2 MP.
Deathlord 830 180 83 83 72 Dark Skills cost 1/2 MP.

Friend listEdit

It is possible to add other people in the friend list. This enables one to use their specific phantom stone while in battle via the pet, Mootie and different types of phantom stone may be used time to time, depending on what was equipped by Morrow in the first slot. Maximum of 30 friends can be added at any time.

Friends can give a percentage of their earned Yellow Vouchers for use in the Tower of Babil from time to time, which makes it easy for them to stack if one didn't spent them in the Tower over a period of time.

Mootie's stats is determined from the average Strength, Magic and Speed of the active party members in the battle.

Energy (AP)Edit

Energy is required to complete quests and go for any run in any area. A point of energy will regenerate every 3 minutes, and about 5-10 energy is required to challenge an area or complete a quest. Upon leveling up, the player's max energy may increase by one, and the energy bar is completely recovered. Energy is not required when fighting through the story's events that are newly released. There is no other way to recover AP other than waiting. However, by spending 50 or 100 Space Time Stones, players are able to recover their lost AP.

List of DimensionsEdit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

There are seven different dimensions:

Dimension Name Year First Introduced Details
Present 2015 1-1 The new game begins and later Maina joins the party.
Ancient Past Unknown 1-2
Middle Age 1280 1-3 Jornee and Parai join the party.
Future 2499 2-1 The place is in ruins, human population left to two.
Judgement Day 2026 2-2 A second Mootie is found.
World of Summons Unknown 1-1 The home of Shiva and her king.
Rift in Time Unknown 1-1 Events of any time take place.
Spoilers end here.


By completing quests, players may obtain weapons, accessories, phantom stones, tails to upgrade their phantom stones and finally Babil points for usage in Tower of Babil. The hourglass station now costs AP in order to challenge the station and no longer require "CP".


FFLSTC Missions

Various missions.

Missions, are a new function implemented in one of the latest version updates. There are daily, weekly, monthly, event and normal missions. Just by clearing the Tower of Babil, defeating enemies, enhancing and upgrading phantom stones, completing certain quests, players are able to earn various items useful for their journey.


FFLSTLC Characters
  • Morrow (トゥモロ, Tumoro?) – An adventure-seeking kid from the countryside.
  • Aemo (エモ, Emo?) – A girl from the future who has lost her memories.
  • Wrieg (リーグ, Rīgu?) - A dependable adventurer who has traveled the world.
  • Mootie (タツノコ, Tatsunoko?) - A newborn mythical beast deity.
  • Parai (パライ, Parai?) - A lone wolf who carries on the bloodline of the Dwaves (ドワーフ, dowāfu?)
  • Maina (マイナ, Maina?) - A descendant of ninjas who dwell in the shadows of time.
  • Jornee (アンジュ, Anju?) - An elven princess filled with curiosity.
  • The Deathlord (不死王, Fushiō?) - An immortal Dark Elf.


The soundtrack was composed by Naoshi Mizuta.[2] The game's main theme is "Timeless Tomorrow" performed by Lia.[3]


The game was directed by Takashi Tokita, one of the three directors of Squaresoft's 1995 hit, Chrono Trigger. It is aimed to invoke nostalgia of SNES titles, like Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger.[2] The game's character designs and image illustrations are being handled by CyDesignation, an art design firm founded and directed by former Square Enix artists Hideo Minaba, Ryosuke Aiba, Atsushi Kawasaki, and Akihiko Yoshida.[4]

Production creditsEdit


Director Takashi Tokita
Character Design and Illustrator CyDesignation


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