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Final Fantasy IV: Minimum Album
Final fantasy iv minimum album cover art
Catalog # N09D-004
Composers Nobuo Uematsu, Hironori Doi
Arrangers Nobuo Uematsu, Hironori Doi
Producers Nobuo Uematsu, K.M for SNOW PRODUCTIONS
Publisher Square Brand
NTT Publishing
CD Info 1 CD - 6 Tracks
Length 20:25
Release date September 5th, 1991

Final Fantasy IV: Minimum Album is an arrangement album for Final Fantasy IV. It contains a selection of arranged and previously unreleased songs from the original soundtrack.

Track ListEdit

  1. オープニング (アレンジヴァージョン), "Prologue... (arranged)"
  2. 愛のテーマ (アレンジバージョン), "Theme of Love (arranged)"
  3. 序章 (ゲーム未収録曲), "The Origin (unreleased)"
  4. ローザを救え! (ゲーム未収録曲), "Restless Moments (unreleased)"
  5. 静かの海 (ゲーム未収録曲), "The Sea of Silence (unreleased)"
  6. プレリュード・クリスタルミックス, "The Prelude Crystal Mix"

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