III Final Fantasy III, originally released for the Famicom and later for the Nintendo DS, has spawned several merchandise lines.

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There are many strategy guides available for this game. Originally released as three separate books in Japan, the re-release of the game has spawned a new set of guides. There is also a manga adaptation, released exclusively in Japan.

  1. Final Fantasy III (Volume 1) Fundamental Knowledge Book - Published by Square.
  2. Final Fantasy III (Volume 2) Complete Walkthrough Book Part 1 - Published by Square.
  3. Final Fantasy III (Volume 3) Complete Walkthrough Book Part 2 - Published by Square.
  4. Yūkyū no Kaze Densetsu Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy III: Legend of the Eternal Wind) - Manga Adaption by Square.
  5. Final Fantasy III Grand Prologue - DS Guide by V Jump Books.
  6. Final Fantasy III Official Strategy Guide - US and EU DS Guide by BradyGames.
  7. Final Fantasy III: The Official Strategy Guide - UK DS Guide by FuturePress.


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Action FiguresEdit

Final Fantasy III Trading Arts Mini was released in late January 2007. Available in Knight, Red Mage, Devout, Magus, Dark Knight, Dragoon and Freelancer Luneth.