This page lists all allusions in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Final Fantasy seriesEdit

Final FantasyEdit

  • Matoya, a Dancer, is named after Matoya, a witch, and possesses the same Crystal Eye.
  • Bikke, the pirate king, is named after Bikke, the pirate captain that was briefly controlling Pravoka.
  • Elfheim is a town home to the elves in Final Fantasy.
  • At one point the player must help an Elf Prince, much like in Final Fantasy.
  • Sarah is named after Sarah and both are princesses.
  • Lufenia is named after the town of the same name.
  • Mount Gulg is named after the location of the same name.
  • In one part of the game you go underwater and inside a temple which alludes to the one in Final Fantasy.
  • Shango sports horns in the place of knees like Chaos has.
  • After the Warriors of Light get their jobs, Elgo recites the prophecy of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

  • Carbuncle takes appearance of Carbuncle from Final Fantasy III.
  • Falgabard is named after the town of the same name.
  • The Warriors of light must make shrink themselves in order to fit inside a tunnel that is way too small to fit in much like in Final Fantasy III.
  • The Warriors of Darkness take their namesakes from the dualistic yet heroic forces of the same name, from the game of their first appearance, Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

  • Maximum of five playable characters can participate in battle, much like in Final Fantasy IV.
  • Dusk and Alba are similar to Palom and Porom in being fraternal twin magic users originating from Mysidia. But while they follow a similar behavior pattern to them as children, Dusk is more like Porom in being a no-nonsense white mage while Alba is similar to Palom in being a overconfident black mage.
  • Eduardo, the Bard, is named after another Bard, Edward Chris von Muir. Eduardo is the Portuguese and Spanish form of the male given name Edward.
  • Kokkol, a dwarf, is named after the character with the same name.
  • Dr. Lugae, a scientist, is named after the character of the same name, also a scientist.
  • The allies of the both sides of the Warriors appear to aid them during the final battle.
  • Gardenia's world map location is similar to that of Kaipo, they are both placed in the middle of the desert next to a lake, but Gardenia is located deeper into the lake than Kaipo, and the lake near Gardenia sports more green on the world map.
  • Similarly to Rubicante, Shango heals party before their battle.
  • Bahamut can be obtained by defeating him in the Mountain of the Father. In Final Fantasy IV, Bahamut is called "the Hallowed Father" and is met in Lair of the Father.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Final Fantasy VEdit

  • The Dimensional Shift resembles Interdimensional Rift.
  • Sol resembles Bartz Klauser in that they are the young protagonists of the story, chosen by the crystal. Also, both of them are carefree and have no love interest. Their hometowns are also similarly named: Bartz's hometown is "Lix," while Sol's is "Lux."
  • The sound effect that is used for Ceres's voice is the same one that Hiryu uses.
  • The bond between Barbara and Ceres is similar to that of Faris Scherwiz and Syldra: all four are females, and Barbara and Faris care for their friends. Eventually both creatures die, but grant the party a reward at some point: Syldra becomes a summon monster, while Ceres unlocks the Dragoon job from Abel's Spear.
  • The scenario at Dragonweed Gardens in Final Fantasy Dimensions alludes to a similar one in Final Fantasy V where the party ventures to Drakenvale to get dragon grass to heal an injured wind drake, but the plant is poisonous to humans.
  • In the battle between Freyr and Asmodai in Yggdrasil, Freyr will not die even if his HP has been reduced to 0 similarly as happened with Galuf inside the Guardian Tree during his battle against Exdeath in Final Fantasy V.
  • Elgo's use of the power of Nil is similar to that of Exdeath using the power of the Void, both users suffering similar fates while their respective powers turn on them. He also wears armor similar to Exdeath's.
  • Much like Final Fantasy V, the world is split into two and the two groups can receive their jobs via crystal shards.
  • The iOS and Android versions of the game redesign the attire of the Black Mage and give them more of Final Fantasy V appeal by standardizing the color robe for both genders as blue and adding five-point star and crescent moon adornments for the hats.
  • The room where the player obtains rewards for defeating Omega Weapon resembles the room where the Sealed Weapons are located.
  • The battle against Odin is allusion to Final Fantasy V, whose Odin was fought similarly under a countdown, counting down to Zantetsuken.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

  • Vata in a final battle against him as Nil Vata says that "he's like the wind...he goes wherever it takes him" referencing Shadow.

Compilation of Final Fantasy VIIEdit

FF Dimensions Aerith Reference

Aerith reference.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

  • One of the dwarves says that "Mr. Pyntie-hat" isn't here, a reference to Vivi Ornitier.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit



  • While not named so, Despair, Suffering, Misery, and Anguish are based on Genbu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Seiryu of the Four symbols of the Chinese constellations. These constellations were used as the Four Fiends in The Final Fantasy Legend, but this is not a direct reference.

Anime and MangaEdit

Power over 9000 alba FFD

Allusion to Dragon Ball Z.

  • When seeing the Dark Flow, Alba says: "Its power level is over...well it's like nothing I've ever seen!" This is an allusion to the "It's Over 9000!" catchphrase derived from the Dragon Ball Z series. The catchphrase is typically used as an innumerable quantifier.


  • A non-player character says "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took...never mind. You wouldn't be interested." "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee" is a line that may be randomly said by guards in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The line went memetic during the game's development, but quickly grew hated due to how often it was used and is now considered a dated joke.
  • One of the monsters in the final areas is called "Mother Brain", the antagonist of the Metroid series.



  • Gramps predicts Alba is wearing a Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, like the 1960 song by Brian Hyland.
  • After trading a tail to the Tail Gnome, he will sometimes say a variation of the line "Hips don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's right" from the song Hips Don't Lie by Shakira.

Western AnimationEdit

  • Alba paraphrases the catch phrase of Inspector Gadget when she says "Don't worry about it, chief, Alba is always on duty!"


  • Smokey Bear is a mascot of the United States Forest Service created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires. His slogan is "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires". In Final Fantasy Dimensions Alba says: "So much for "Only you can prevent forest Firagas"!"