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This article lists the main translations of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. These include the original Japanese version, and then their Romaji forms, and the English version.

Characters Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Meeth Crym
Cu Chaspel
Kolka Tawantyn
Tilika Tawantyn

Races Edit

Japanese Romaji English

Menu Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Equipped Bonuses
Level Abilities
Head Armor
Body Armor

Locations Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Rebena Te Ra
Valley of Heroes
Old Town
Mount Vaal
Abyssus Forest
Rela Cyel
Kilanda Islands
Rela Cyel Past
Crystal Temple
River Belle Path
Lake Cyela

Abilities Edit

Level Up Abilities Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Charge Attack
Chain 4
Magic Pile 3
Charge Guard
Guard Counter
Magic Pile 4
Chain 5
Charge Break
HP +50
DEF +50
Ring Lock 2
Resist All +1
MAG +50
Luck +5
Ring Lock 3
ATK +50
DEF +100
HP +100
Clavat Soul
Luck +10
3-Item Alchemy
4-Item Alchemy
5-Item Alchemy
Urn Master
ATK +100
Critical Hits Up
Lilty Soul
3-Way Shot
Straight Arrow
SP +50
5-Way Shot
SP +100
Selkie Soul
Magic Pile 5
Ring Lock 4
Fire Master
Thunder Master
Blizzard Master
MAG +100
Resist All +3
Yuke Soul

Magic Edit

Japanese Romaji English
ファイア Fire
ファイラ Fira
ファイラ+1 Fira +1
ファイガ Firaga
ファイガ+1 Firaga +1
ファイジャ Firaja
ブリザド Blizzard
ブリザラ Blizzara
ブリザラ+1 Blizzara +1
ブリザガ Blizzaga
ブリザガ+1 Blizzaga +1
ブリザジャ Blizzaja
サンダー Thunder
サンダラ Thundara
サンダラ+1 Thundara +1
サンダガ Thundaga
サンダガ+1 Thundaga +1
サンダジャ Thundaja
ケアル Cure
ケアルラ Cura
ケアルラ+1 Cura +1
ケアルガ Curaga
ケアルガ+1 Curaga
ケアルジャ Curaja
レイズ Raise
アレイズ Arise
アレイズ+1 Arise +1
クリア Clear
クリアラ Cleara
クリアラ+1 Cleara +1
クリアガ Clearaga
クリアガ+1 Clearaga +1
クリアジャ Clearaja
バリア Barrier
バリアガ Barriera
スロウ Slow
スロウガ Slowga
ヘイスト Haste
ヘイスガ Hastega
グラビデ Gravity
グラビガ Graviga
ホーリー Holy
ホーリガ Holyga
クエイク Quake
クエイガ Quaga
バイオ Bio
バイオガ Bioga
メテオ Meteor
メテオガ Meteorga
アルテマ Ultima
アルテガ Ultiga
Rela Crystal

Equipped Bonuses Edit

Japanese Romaji English
ATK Boost
MAG Boost
DEF Boost
HP Boost
SP Boost
Anti-Burn Boost
Anti-Frost Boost
Anti-Zap Boost
Anti-Stun Boost
Anti-Warp Boost
Anti-Dark Boost
Arm Boost
Body Boost
Focus Boost
Impact Boost
Warrior's Eye
Thief's Eye
White Mage's Eye
Black Mage's Eye
Dragoon Lore
Monk Wisdom
Samurai Lore
Red Mage Wisdom
Sage Wisdom
Ninja Lore
Scholar Wisdom
Crimson Essence
Azure Essence
Amber Essence
Jade Essence
Fast Charge
Tribal Secrets
Ring Root
Ring Speed
HP Absorb Atk.
SP Absorb Atk.
HP Absorb Def.
SP Absorb Def.
HP Regen
SP Regen
Veggie Might
Fruit Boot
Smart Riches
Smart Valor
Lady Luck

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Clavat Weapons Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Bronze Sword
Iron Sword
Bastard Sword
Ice Brand
Thunder Hatchet
Brave Sword
Mythril Sword
Ancient Sword
Dark Blade
Light Blade
Colossus Blade
Feather Saber
Legendary Sword
Fire Edge
Blizzard Edge
Golden Hatchet
Crystal Sword
Rune Saber

Yuke Weapons Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Wooden Staff
Oak Staff
Candy Cane
Striped Rod
Power Staff
Fire Staff
Ice Staff
Earth Staff
Magic Wand
Angel's Staff
Staff of Skills
Mythril Rod
Ancient Staff
Dark Staff
Light Staff
Stardust Staff
Sun Staff
Sage's Staff
Holy Staff
Moon Staff
Yew Staff
Svarog's Staff
Blizzard Staff
Golden Staff
Crystal Rod
Rune Rod
Chaos Staff
Death Staff
Judgement Staff
Kitty Staff

Selkie Weapons Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Wooden Bow
Short Bow
Iron Bow
Killer Bow
War Bow
Flame Bow
Frost Bow
Ranger's Bow
Elfin Bow
Hero's Bow
Angel's Bow
Hunter's Bow
Silver Bow
Mythril Bow
Dark Bow
Eden's Bow
Bravery Bow
Aeolian Bow
Wolf's Bow
Exorcist's Bow
Abyss Killer
Yew Bow
Svarog's Bow
Crystal Bow
Yoichi's Bow
Chaos Bow
Fallen Angel Bow
Doom Cannon

Lilty Weapons Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Wooden Hammer
Oak Mallet
Toy Hammer
Iron Ladle
Steel Ladle
Lovely Spoon
Iron Mace
Chilled Ladle
Thunder Mace
Magical Hammer
Angel's Spoon
Silver Ladle
Mythril Ladle
Dark Spoon
Eden's Spoon
Hell's Spoon
Meteor Mace
Sun Mace
Jester's Spoon
Silver Mace
Yew Hammer
Golden Mace
Crystal Ladle
Rune Spoon
Longinus's Spoon
Surprise Hammer
Demon's Spoon
King's Spoon
Ladle of Ladles

Armor Edit

Headgear Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Novice's Skullcap
Novice's Sallet
Bronze Helm
Green Hat
Hero Mask
Iron Helm
Red Hat
Blue Hat
Dragoon Sallet
Black Mage Hood
White Mage Hood
Pastel Cat Hood
Knight Helm
Orange Cone Hat
Blue Cone Hat
Yellow Cone Hat
Dragon Sallet
Flame Sallet
Frost Helm
Bandit Bandana
Princess's Tiara
Skull Mask
Warrior Sallet
Flower Barrettes
Mythril Helm
Ninja Headgear
Striped Doo-Rag
Lamia Hairclip
Cursed Mask
Paladin Helm
Frog Hood
Pirate Hat
Wizard Hat
Bronze Sallet
Green Cap
Black Cat Hood
Daredevil Mask
Iron Casque
Red Cap
Blue Cap
Legioner Sallet
Army Helmet
Sage's Hat
Cleric's Hood
Hard Hat
Knight Visor
Orange Magic Hat
Blue Magic Hat
Yellow Magic Hat
Navy Cap
Wyvern Sallet
Svarog's Sallet
Frost Visor
Crook's Kerchief
Gray Cat Hood
Queen's Diadem
Bomb Mask
Shogun Sallet
Giant's Sallet
Purple Magic Hat
Pink Magic Hat
Star Barettes
Fauna Sallet
Mythril Casque
Stealth Headgear
Siren Hairclip
Ahriman Mask
Fiend's Sallet
Striped Kerchief
Maid's Headband
Lord's Helm
Toad Hood
Blackbeard Hat
Demon Hat
Blk. Knight Helm
Dark Sallet
New You Wig
Creature Head

Body Armor Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Kid's Clothes
Academic Armor
Wild Child Garb
Alchemist Outfit
Novice's Cuirass
Novice's Harness
Travel Clothes
Bronze Corslet
Green Clothes
Iron Armor
Red Clothes
Blue Clothes
Dragoon Harness
Black Mage Robe
White Mage Robe
Pastel Fur Coat
Knight Armor
Orange Outfit
Blue Outfit
Yellow Outfit
Dragon Harness
Silver Corslet
Flame Harness
Frost Armor
Bandit Clothes
Warrior Harness
Red Novice Habit
Blue Novice Habit
Martial Arts Gi
Mythril Armor
Ninja Getup
Paladin Armor
Frog Costume
Pirate Outfit
Wizard Robe
Caravan Clothes
Bronze Armor
Green Bard Garb
Black Fur Coat
Iron Plate
Red Bard Garb
Blue Bard Garb
Legioner Harness
Army Uniform
Sage's Robe
Cleric's Robe
Knight Plate
Orange Robe
Blue Robe
Yellow Robe
Navy Uniform
Wyvern Harness
Silver Armor
Svarog's Harness
Frost Plate
Crook's Clothes
Gray Fur Coat
Shogun Harness
Giant's Harness
Purple Robe
Pink Robe
Fighting Gear
Mythril Plate
Stealth Getup
Fiend's Harness
Earth Robe
Monarch's Robe
Maid Outfit
Sailor Outfit
Lord's Plate
Toad Costume
Blackbeard Garb
Demon Robe
Blk. Knight Plate
Victory Clothes
Dark Harness
Creature Suit
Layle's Jacket

Accessories Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Power Ring
Magic Ring
Guard Ring
Life Ring
Skill Ring
Flame Badge
Frost Badge
Thunder Badge
Blackout Badge
Temporal Badge
Dark Badge
Aeolian Misanga
Classic Misanga
Wind Earrings
Earth Earrings
Crystal Earrings
Lion's Heart
Dragon's Heart
Bishop's Soul
Dark Soul
Crimson Crest
Azure Crest
Golden Crest
Jade Crest
Blood Charm
Soul Charm
Gambler's Heart
Warrior's Heart
Ruby Studs
Sapphire Studs
Citrine Studs
Emerald Studs
Amethyst Studs
Onyx Studs
Rune Ring
Blessed Ring
Element Ring
Goblin Ring

Items Edit

Japanese Romaji English
ポーション Potion
エーテル Ether
Fire Magicite
Blizzard Magicite
Thunder Magicite
Cure Magicite
Raise Magicite
Clear Magicite
Dark Matter
まんまるコーン Round Corn
しましまリンゴ Striped Apple
すずなりチェリー Cherry Cluster
にじいろぶどう Rainbow Grapes
ほしがたにんじん Star Carrot
ひょうたんいも Gourd Potato
フェニックスの尾 Phoenix Down
体力のしずく HP Boost
技のしずく SP Boost
力のしずく ATK Boost
守りのしずく DEF Boost
魔力のしずく MAG Boost
ファイアポケット Fire Pocket
ブリザドポケット Blizzard Pocket
サンダーポケット Thunder Pocket
ケアルポケット Cure Pocket
クリアポケット Clear Pocket
レイズポケット Raise Pocket
ポーションポーチ Potion Pouch
エーテルポーチ Ether Pouch

Materials Edit

Japanese Romaji English
アビシニオン Abyssian
アメジスト Amethyst
古代魚のうろこ Ancient Scale
ベヒーの爪 Behemoth Claw
ベヒーダスト Behemoth Dust
ベヒーの大角 Behemoth Horn
血染めの布 Bloodied Rag
妖精の青い粉 Blue Fay Dust
ブルースフィア Blue Orb
ブルーストーン Blue Stone
ボムソウル Bomb's Soul
食獣花の溶解液 Carniflower Fluid
食獣花の種 Carniflower Seed
Chimera Blood
シトリン Citrine
銅の欠片 Copper Shard
クリスタル Crystal
不思議な花びら Curious Petal
黒クリスタル Dark Crystal
魔界の砂 Dark Dust
ダークスフィア Dark Orb
金剛石 Diamond
イヤの欠片 Diamond Shard
ドラゴンダスト Dragon Dust
ドラゴンの角 Dragon Horn
ドラゴンのうろこ Dragon Scale
エメラルド Emerald
処刑人の仮面 Executioner Mask
ネコ科の魂 Feline Spirit
高級レザー Fine Leather
高級シルク Fine Silk
プリンゼリー Flan Goop
怪鳥の羽 Garuda Feather
怪鳥の爪 Garuda Talon
大ガニの甲羅 Giant Crab Shell
偉大なる記憶 Great Memory
妖精の緑い粉 Green Fay Dust
グリーンスフィア Green Orb
ホーリースフィア Holy Orb
ハチミツ酸 Honey Acid
鉄の欠片 Iron Shard
アイアンシルク Iron Silk
レザー Leather
トカゲのとさか Lizard Crest
トカゲのうろこ Lizard Scale
マジックスフィア Magic Sphere
マジックストーン Magic Stone
メテオライト Meteorite
モーグリ草 Moogle Plant
ムーの毛皮 Mu Fur
ムーの鼻 Mu Nose
ミスリル Mythril
ミスリルの欠片 Mythril Shard
ミスリルシルク Mythril Silk
樫の枝 Oak Branch
Odd Angled Eye
魔界の腐鉄 Old Hellish Iron
ふるびたけん Old Sword
オニキス Onyx
オリハルコン Orichalcum
プチアメジスト Petite Amethyst
プチシトリン Petite Citrine
プチエメラルド Petite Emerald
プチオニキス Petite Onyx
Petite Ruby
プチサファイア Petite Sapphire
フェニックスの毛 Phoenix Down
妖精の赤い粉 Red Fay Dust
レッドスフィア Red Orb
レッドストーン Red Stone
ルビー Ruby
サハギンのひれ Sahagin Fin
サファイア Sapphire
大サソリの甲羅 Scorpion Shell
秘伝の巻物 Secret Scroll
天使の白い粉 Seraph Dust
シルク Silk
頭蓋骨 Skull
黒ずんだ骨 Stained Bone
Stained Fin
玉鋼 Steel
Sturdy Vine
Sulfur Dust
亀の甲羅 Tortoise Shell
木の枝 Tree Branch
アルテマシルク Ultima Silk
アルテマイト Ultimite
Unknown Seed
さまよえる魂 Wandering Soul
天界の砂 White Dust
妖精の黄色い粉 Yellow Fay Dust
きいろいはね Yellow Feather
イエロースフィア Yellow Orb
イエローストーン Yellow Stone
千年樹の枝 Yew Branch
ズーダスト Zu Dust

Scrolls Edit

Weapons Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Novice's Weapon
Fledgling's Weapon
Child's Weapon
Iron Weapon
Steel Weapon
Stylish Weapon
Warrior's Wpn.
Fiery Weapon
Icy Weapon
Thunderous Wpn.
Courageous Wpn.
Magical Weapon
Victorious Wpn.
Angel's Weapon
Master's Weapon
Silver Weapon
Mythril Weapon
Relic Weapon
Dark Weapon
Celestial Wpn.
Strongman Wpn.
Breezy Weapon
Night Sky Wpn.
Knight's Weapon
Sun's Weapon
Noble's Weapon
Exorcist's Wpn.
Legendary Wpn.
Wooden Weapon
Fire God's Wpn.
Low Temp Wpn.
Golden Weapon
Crystalline Wpn.
Branded Weapon
Foreign Weapon
Cursed Weapon
Underworld Wpn.
Conqueror Wpn.
Destructive Wpn.
Housepet's Wpn.
Bestest Ladle
Lil' Yella Fella

Headgear Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Bronze Helmet
Green Headwear
Secret Disguise
Iron Helmet
Red Headwear
Blue Headwear
Dragonlike Helm
Magic Headwear
Cozy Headwear
Cute Kitty Hat
Knight's Helmet
Fire Hat
Ice Hat
Thunder Hat
Dragonish Helm
Anti-heat Helmet
Anti-cold Helmet
Robber's Rag
Princess Insignia
Skeletal Mask
Samurai Helmet
Floral Hair Tie
Mythril Sallet
Black Headband
Striped Cloth
Lamia's Allure
Scary Mask
Templar Helmet
Amphibian Head
Sailing Headwear
Hellish Cap
Best Bronze Helm
Sturdy Green Hat
Dark Kitty Hat
Dashing Disguise
Finest Iron Helm
Sturdy Red Hat
Sturdy Blue Hat
Safety Helmet
Dracolord Helm
Battle Helmet
Enchanted Hat
Mercy Headwear
Best Knight Helm
Chic Fire Hat
Chic Ice Hat
Chic Thunder Hat
Officer's Cap
Dragon God Helm
Heat-hating Helm
Frost-free Helm
Thief Headwrap
Ash Kitty Hat
Queen's Insignia
Explosive Mask
Feudal Lord Helm
Durable Helmet
Fire & Ice Hat
Time Warp Hat
Cosmic Hair Tie
Wild Thing Helm
Top Mythril Hat
Sneaky Headwear
Nymph's Allure
One-eyed Mask
Ogre's Helmet
Lined Head Cover
Room Service Cap
Monarch's Helm
Amphibian Hat
Bad Captain Hat
Hellacious Hat
Possessed Helmet
Helm of Darkness
Funky Hairstyle
Fun Fauna Hat

Armor Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Bronze Lt. Armor
Rugged Clothes
Iron Harness
Not Hot Outfit
Not Cold Outfit
Dragonlike Armor
Magical Raiment
Healing Raiment
Cute Kitty Cloak
Knight's Uniform
Fiery Garb
Icy Garb
Thunderous Garb
Dragonish Armor
Silver Lt. Armor
Anti-fire Armor
Anti-ice Armor
Robber's Uniform
Samurai Armor
Red Ritual Garb
Blue Ritual Garb
Comfy Clothes
Mythril Harness
Black Outfit
Templar's Armor
Amphibian Body
Buccaneer Suit
Hellish Raiment
Savior Suit
Bronze Harness
Durable Clothing
Dark Kitty Cloak
Steel Armor
Heat-hating Garb
Frost-free Garb
Dracolord Armor
Battle Uniform
Enchanted Cloak
Mercy Raiment
Knight Lt. Armor
Fiery Garment
Icy Garment
Electric Garment
Midshipman Garb
Dragon God Armor
Silver Armor
Fireproof Armor
Sub-zero Armor
Thief's Uniform
Ash Kitty Cloak
Combat Armor
Durable Armor
Fire & Ice Cloak
Time Warp Cloak
Mythril Armor
Sneaky Garb
Ogre's Armor
Grand Raiment
Royal Raiment
Rm. Service Suit
Sea Service Suit
Royal Hvy. Armor
Amphibian Suit
Sea Captain Coat
Hellacious Cloak
Possessed Armor
Garment of Hope
Garb of Darkness
Formal Fashion
Fun Fauna Body

Accessories Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Band of Strength
Band of Mystique
Band of Security
Band of Rebirth
Band of Abilities
Reddish Emblem
Bluish Emblem
Yellowish Emblem
Lucidity Emblem
Time Emblem
Black Emblem
Braid of Time
Braid of Old
Airy Jewelry
Grounded Jewelry
Crystal Work
Lion's Soul
Dragon's Soul
Salvation Tome
Perdition Tome
Fire Covenant
Ice Covenant
Thund. Covenant
Green Covenant
Vexing Card
Cursed Card
Playful Soul
Brave Soul
Ruby Work
Sapphire Work
Citrine Work
Emerald Work
Amethyst Work
Onyx Work
Engraved Band
Good Luck Band
Spiritual Band
Barbaric Band

Material Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Soft Cloth
Sturdy Leather
Smooth Cloth
Supple Leather
Steel Cloth
Miracle Cloth
Extreme Cloth
Heavenly Ore
Hellish Ore
Heavenly Specks
Hellish Specks
Dragon Specks
Garuda Specks
Beast Specks
Fire Marble
Ice Marble
Thunder Marble
Green Marble
Black Marble
White Marble
Refined Ruby
Refined Sapphire
Refined Citrine
Refined Emerald
Refined Amethyst
Refined Onyx
Refined Crystal
Refined Copper
Refined Iron
Refined Mythril
Refined Diamond
Clump of Magic

Enemies Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Boss Bomb
Boss Turtle
Cloud Bee
Dark Bat
Dark Sahagin
Dark Skeleton
Dark Ton Ton
Dika Flan
Father Bomb
Fire Bat
Fire Flan
Goblin Lord
Hammer Goblin
Icarus Mu
Ice Bomb
Ice Flan
Lick Prickle
Lizard Lord
Mother Bomb
Needle Turtle
Sister Bomb
Snow Mu
Spike King
Spin Spine
Thunder Bomb
Vulcan Mu
Walking Flower

Bosses Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Carniflower Bud
Cu Chaspel
Cu Chaspel Clone
Dragon Rider
Giant Crab
Great Galdes
Ring of Fates
Death Lich Left Arm
Death Lich Right Arm
Red Crystal

Elements Edit

Japanese Romaji English

Statuses Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Super Jump

Terms Edit

Japanese Romaji English
Crimson Moon
Giant Crab
Great Crystal
Ignes Fatui
Moogle Paint

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