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Final Fantasy Compendium is a long-running fansite that was founded in April of 2000 as part of RPGClassics. It is maintained by Daniel Orner, aka Cidolfas, with an aim to be a comprehensive guide to the entire Final Fantasy series. Site updates ended on June 4th, 2009, with the owner citing having less time to work on the site and that the amount that the series had grown in the nine years made it hard to keep up.

The Final Fantasy Compendium covers two aspects of the series; one aspect spans the story and setting of the series - this includes the full story of every game, characters, places, organizations, species, and terms the players have come across in their gameplay. The second aspect covers the prevalent and recurring themes and concepts that have been used throughout the series; ranging from monsters, summons, Jobs, items, magic/abilities, etc. It is part of the website's aim to present an overall view of the series instead of focusing on one individual game title.