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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Track list Edit

Disc One Edit

  1. "Moment of Recall"
  2. "To the Horizon"
  3. "Into the Labyrinth"
  4. "DUEL!!"
  5. "Victory's Fanfare"
  6. "Peaceful Village"
  7. "Not of This World"
  8. "Rain in Forest"
  9. "The Ancient Life"
  10. "The Initiation"
  11. "Monument Valley"
  12. "Supreme Mission"
  13. "Devided We Fall"
  14. "The Emergency"
  15. "Onslaught"
  16. "The Suspicion"
  17. "Walkabout"
  18. "Overcome the Menace"
  19. "Tree of Tales"
  20. "Once more Dance?"
  21. "Prelude"

Disc Two Edit

  1. "Great Voyage"
  2. "State of Grace"
  3. "The Oath"
  4. "Snowdrop"
  5. "Joie de Vivre"
  6. "Mirage Palace"
  7. "Sacred Ground"
  8. "Amigo de Chocobo"
  9. "Antiquities"
  10. "The Imperial Capital"
  11. "Shadow of Doubt"
  12. "Mystic Ruins"
  13. "The Ghostship"
  14. "Secrets in her Eyes"
  15. "Nothing's in Vain"
  16. "Odyssey"
  17. "Force and Furious"
  18. "End is Nigh"
  19. "Celestial Battle"
  20. "Triumph of Destiny"
  21. "Final Fantasy"

External links Edit

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