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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by A-Lim, creator of Brave Frontier and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices.[1] It features characters that have appeared in previous games, such as Cecil Harvey, Shadow and Exdeath.[2] The game was in closed beta testing for the Japanese audience until September 2, 2015.[3] It is very popular in Japan, with over 6 million downloads as of March 28, 2016.[4]

The English version was soft-launched on Swedish app stores for iOS & Android on May 11, 2016.[5] It was released to all mobile device app stores on June 29, 2016. As of November 1, 2016, the global version has surpassed eight million unique installs.

On May 16, 2016, Square Enix launched a massive registration drive[6] for the global game, offering in-game rewards to players who participated. With over 10 million Crystal Points earned during the campaign, the first five rewards tiers and one bonus rewards tier were available to all players until July 17, 2016.


Visions—Storied heroes whose dreams transcend even death

Lapis—A world of crystals and the visions within

By the light of the crystals, a realm flourished. But now, a shadow falls...

Their world on the edge of ruin, two knights set out to drive back the shadows...

Let a new tale of crystals and heroes begin!

Crystals, heroes and high adventure

As legendary warriors join forces across time and space

Are you the hero of light we seek?
—Pre-registration trailer for the global release.


  • Rain (レイン, Rein?) – A knight of the Kingdom of Grandshelt. A precocious pilot who was entrusted with command of an airship at the tender age of thirteen, he maintains a carefree—some might say lackadaisical—demeanor. He has the unwavering trust of the king and his nation's people, in large part due to his father's reputation as a stalwart knight of the kingdom.[7]
  • Lasswell (ラスウェル, Rasuweru?) – A knight of the Kingdom of Grandshelt, he shares command of an airship with his childhood friend Rain. His skills are on par with Rain's, and his no-nonsense attitude has earned him the trust of his superiors and subordinates alike. However, he has a tendency to get dragged along by Rain against his own better judgment.[7]
  • Fina (フィーナ, Fīna?) - A girl who emerged from the Earth Crystal. Having lost all memories aside from her own name, she tends to take childish risks because she doesn't know any better. She's skilled in the ways of white magic and archery, though she cannot remember how or why.[7]
  • Lid (リド, Rido?) - An airship engineer born in Dirnado. She spent much of her childhood in the family workshop where there was little to do but play with machinery. Her weapons are considered among the best in the Industrial City, where she was awarded the title of supreme engineer. She aspires to inherit the name of Cid, though her love of gil sometimes gets in the way.[7]
  • Nichol (ニコル, Nikoru?) - A tactician of the Federation of Ordelion. He was born into a family of Water Guardians that has stood watch over the Water Temple for generations, and it is believed that none in the kingdom match his strength. He's always focused on the greater good and does not allow personal feelings to cloud his judgment. Because he is an outspoken critic of decisions he disagrees with, he's often misunderstood as a cynic.[7]
  • Jake (ジェイク, Jeiku?) - The leader of the rebel forces of the Zoldaad Empire. While he may come across as a carefree womanizer—even moreso than Rain—a deep desire to protect the oppressed burns within his heart. His ingenuity and cunning were apparent from the moment Rain met him, but he also displays a great aptitude for leadership.
  • Sakura (サクラ, Sakura?)
  • Veritas of the Dark (常闇のヴェリアス, Tokoyami no Veriasu?, lit. Vellious of the Everdark) - A mysterious man who laid siege to Grandshelt Castle. Dressed in pitch-black armor, he introduced himself as one of the Sworn Six of Paladia, who seek the destruction of the crystals scattered across the world.[7]



The world map is presented as a series of fixed contact points, with a fixed set of dungeons (battles) located in each area. The player must fight through all of the battles in a given dungeon, expending associated energy per round, to unlock and advance to the next dungeon. Clearing all required dungeons (indicated by their crimson banners) will advance the story to the next waypoint.

Towns, and dungeons that are already cleared, may be freely explored (as indicated by green banners) or replayed as the player sees fit. In free exploration mode, the player can traverse a given area for treasure and other items, but will also encounter random monsters. Entrances and exit points are marked on each area map: yellow for individual rooms and stairs, green for the entrance, and red for the exit.


Brave Exvius uses a turn-based combat chain system that is thus far unique among series titles. This is attributed to the A-lim company's involvement, as a somewhat identical chaining system is implemented in their game, Brave Frontier. The player may select a party of up to five units and a guest unit to deploy in battle, each with his or her own unique skillsets. When in battle, the player can select actions for the units to perform by swiping the units' panels in different directions. With an action selected, tapping a unit's panel will immediately execute the chosen action. If the player taps panels in succession, the action creates a chain. The player is also allowed to strike multiple targets in the same turn, with actions against each also creating a chain. Enemies can do the same during their turns, so preparing a strategy turn-to-turn is critical to success. It is also important to note that since every character's attack animation speed is different as well as the number of hits involved, timing when each unit should strike is crucial to chaining accurately. (For example, Exdeath only strikes once and his sword swing is slow, whereas Sabin attacks four times, but his final hit has a delay to it following his three quicker punches.)

Winning a battle does not have immediate rewards as in typical Final Fantasy games. Instead, all items collected and all EXP gained are tallied at the end of a story battle round, or at the end of a free expedition.

Other modesEdit

The VortexEdit

Within the game is an entire second realm known as the Vortex, with three different modes of play:

  • The Vortex of Desires is a side area containing four different Chambers, which the player can battle through to obtain large amounts of Gil, character EXP, crafting materials or awakening materials. Every day, one Chamber of the player's choice can be opened at no cost, while unlocking others during the same day requires 100 Lapis per dungeon.
  • The Vortex of Trials is a series of single-level dungeons containing very powerful bosses, which can be challenged at the player's discretion. Rewards such as high-end equipment can be obtained for defeating these bosses the first time.
  • Free events are periodically announced that may improve the player's chances of receiving rare items that help improve unit development. To date, these events include the Gil Snapper's Cave, Cactuar Dunes, and the Chamber of Crystals. These events are open for a predetermined period of time, but offer greater rewards than standard Vortex play offers.

The ArenaEdit

Also available is the Arena, a mode of play where players can test their skills against other players, or against enemies previously fought. Players may fight in single combat against a group of foes up to five times in succession before needing to regenerate at hourly intervals.


In Coliseum combat, available since the game's release, each contest has a point value, and when a round reaches its point limit, players will encounter a boss. Defeating the boss allows the player to win prizes and advance to the next round. Winning all rounds will move the player up one Colosseum rank.


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