Final Fantasy Awakening (Chinese: 最终幻想 觉醒, Zuì Zhōng Huànxiǎng Juéxǐng) is a free-to-play online multi-player video game based on Final Fantasy Type-0, developed in place of the discontinued Final Fantasy Agito.

The game was originally titled Final Fantasy Type-0 Online (ファイナルファンタジー零式 ONLINE, Fainaru Fantajī Reishiki Onrain?), said to launch in spring 2016 in Japan for iOS and Android. It was considered for North America and Europe in 2015[1], but nothing has been announced.

The beta testing session was available for Chinese players in June 2016.[2]

On October 21, 2016, the game was renamed Final Fantasy Awakening in China, where it was released.[3] The game also shares the same name in Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, albeit with a different logo. The same title remains in Indonesia and Singapore/Malaysia regions, with the same logo as Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau.


From the start, the game has been developed to be a four-player party hack-and-slash MMO. Characters are acquired throughout the game. In later updates, the players are now acquire to use runes known as Destiny Rune to gain more combat power as runes will be gained at the Demon Crusade. Therefore, Players also gains small pets by acquiring pet shards via pet summon in order to obtained it. Both Moogle and Tonberry are the hardest to obtained due to their Mythic status.

Playable charactersEdit

Both male or female main characters can be selected as a dual swordsman, gunner, or mage. These characters can be upgraded by collecting astral stones after defeating bosses in each chapter including both elite and nightmare dungeons. The characters from Final Fantasy Type-0 can also be recruited. New characters, Ruka, Hayne and Captain Tenochi appear. Hero shards must be obtained in order to recruit or upgrade them.





Development preparations for Final Fantasy Type-0 Online began in November 2014.[4]


The main characters are voiced in Japanese so they will be chosen in three different kinds of voices. The Japanese voice cast from Final Fantasy Type-0 is maintained.


  • In the Philippines, both Android and iOS are strictly removed from both Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store due to unofficial recharge and refunds bought illegally by various players.
  • The Pet System during its update is somewhat similar to the online game, Ragnarok Online.


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