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The Main Theme of the Final Fantasy series.
FFI Ahead on Our Way
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This song captures the essence of all that is Final Fantasy.
Edward Chris von Muir, on the Music Box in the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV.

"Final Fantasy" is a recurring piece of music composed by Nobuo Uematsu in the Final Fantasy series. It has also been called the "Opening Theme" and the "Prologue", due to it being played during the opening sequences. Because of this, along with its recurrence, it is considered to be the series' main theme.

The theme first played during the opening of the original Final Fantasy and has since appeared in most main series titles, except for Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIII.

The theme from Final Fantasy is basically the song I'd like to be remembered by. I think it's very soft and warm, but there's a strength to it. It’s appealing and I think it's the most important song in terms of everything I’ve ever done.
—Nobuo Uematsu[1]


The Dawn of Souls version of the "Opening Theme" of Final Fantasy
FFI Opening Theme
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Final FantasyEdit

The tune is played at the Cornelia Bridge and during the credits. This version is included on the fifth disc of the Final Fantasy Vinyls collector's edition set.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

The tune is played at the Wind Crystal chamber after defeating the Land Turtle in the NES version, and after defeating Djinn in the 3D version, and briefly in the ending. The bard also sings five notes of the tune when using the sing command.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

"The Opening"
FFIV Opening
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The theme has many recurring appearances. First played during the opening cinematic, it plays again during the prophecy of Cecil's destiny. It also plays during the game's end when the party members who do not join Cecil pray to give him and his companions strength for the final battle against Zeromus.

In the Advance version's Music Player, the tune is called the "Prologue". In the Nintendo DS version's original soundtrack, the theme appears in the tracks "Opening Movie" and "Epilogue".

An arranged version of the "Prologue" is included on the Final Fantasy IV: Minimum Album. This same version is also included on the Final Fantasy Mix album.

Final Fantasy VEdit

The tune plays at the game's end when Krile is at the Elder Tree. In the Advance version's Music Player the theme is titled "Final Fantasy".

Final Fantasy VIEdit

The tune is played at the game's end, mixed into the track "Ending Theme".

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

The tune plays during the credits, in the track "Staff Roll" at mark 3:31.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit

An orchestrated version plays during the credits.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

"Ending Theme"
FFVIII Ending Final Fantasy Theme
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The tune appears in the "Ending Theme" of the OST and in the game's ending movie. It was arranged in form of a military march following "Eyes on Me" and it plays during the sequence following the ending FMV in which both credits and a home movie style sequence are displayed. Plays from 6:59 to 10:00.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

The tune is played during the Prima Vista escape scene and during the credits, right after the theme song "Melodies of Life", and also in the OST at the end of "Melodies of Life". It is also played in a movie from the game's opening sequences in which Vivi Ornitier looks into the sky and sees an airship. This track is called "Skies of Alexandria".

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Plays during the final cutscene of the A Crystalline Prophecy additional scenario and also after defeating Shinryu and speaking to Prishe in the Abyssea storyline.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Final fantasy ffxii version
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Played during the game's intro movie, and appears in the OST as "FINAL FANTASY ~FFXII Version~". It is also used several times during the sequences where Halim Ondore IV reads from his memoirs.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

The tune plays at the opening FMV and at the end of the game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

The tune can be heard in Yusnaan, being played by the band near the station.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

"Opening Theme"
Opening Theme XIV
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The theme returned yet again in this installment, as part of the "Opening Theme". It can also be heard when the player takes an airship to other starting cities during the main storyline. It later plays when a Zodiac Weapon is obtained.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

A short version of the tune can be heard in "Zero", sung by Bump of Chicken during the ending of the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersEdit

Layle is heard humming the theme while raiding the Tribe Unity ball. An arrangement of the Prologue was heard in an early trailer for The Crystal Bearers, though the song did not appear in the final game.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

The tune plays at the ending's final part, a recreation of the Cornelia Bridge scene from the original Final Fantasy. In the original soundtrack, it is titled "FINAL FANTASY from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY".

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Theme
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Like Dissidia, the tune plays at the ending's final part, only this time in the original soundtrack, it is titled "FINAL FANTASY" from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY" and is a different arrangement than the previous version.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

This theme's original Final Fantasy version, labeled "Opening Theme", is a playable Event Music Sequence track in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Its cutscenes depict events in that game, from the defeat of Bikke to the battle with Chaos and the Warriors of Light saving the world.

Additionally, "FINAL FANTASY ~FFXII Version~" appears as the opening music for Final Fantasy XII's Series Mode.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

The "Opening Theme" recurs in Curtain Call, this time as a Field Music Sequence.

Chocobo's Crystal TowerEdit

The NES "Opening Theme" version from the original Final Fantasy plays at the intro of this Facebook game.

Other VersionsEdit

Final Fantasy IV: Celtic MoonEdit

Prologue Celtic Moon
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This contains a selection of tracks, arranged and performed in the style of Irish Celtic music. The theme of Final Fantasy is called "Prologue..." and is the second track on the album.

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IVEdit

Called "Prologue..." the album contains a solo piano arrangement of the theme.

Final Fantasy 1987-1994Edit

A piano version of the "Final Fantasy" theme is included on this "best of" type album.

Final Fantasy: PrayEdit

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"Pray" is a vocal arrangement of the Main Theme from the original featured in the eponymous music album Final Fantasy: Pray, performed by Risa Ohki. It is sung in Japanese.


幾千光年 暗を超えて
Tōku shizuka na hoshizora kara,
Afureru inochi no uta ga hibiku.
Ikusen kounen yami o koete,
Hitotsu no daichi ni tadori tsuita.
Sotto hitomi o tojita mama de
Tōi inori no you ni
Itsushi ka yumetachi ga
Kanau you ni
Konna chīsa na te no hira de wa
Kakaekirenu hodo toki wa nagai
Ikusenman ri no tabi no hate ni
Yasashī egao ni meguriaeru
Ima wa namida ni nureta mama de
Fukai inori no you ni
Itsushi ka kanashimi mo
Owaru you ni
Tōku shizuka na hoshizora kara,
Afureru inochi no uta ga kikoeru.
English translationEdit
From far and silent starry skies
Echoes a song full of life.
Crossing a darkness of thousands of light years,
It finally arrives at a single earth.
With eyes closed just so,
Like a faraway prayer,
So that one day
Our dreams will come true.
Time is so long that
These tiny palms can barely hold it.
At the end of a million-mile voyage,
We can still run across smiling faces.
Now, wet with tears,
As though deep in prayer,
So that one day
Sadness, too, will end.
From far and silent starry skies,
A song full of life can be heard.

Guitar Solo Final Fantasy Official Best CollectionEdit

Titled "Opening Theme", it is the first track on the Guitar Solo Final Fantasy Official Best Collection album, which consists entirely of solo classical guitar arrangements of tracks from the Final Fantasy main series, performed by Yuji Sekiguchi.

20020220 music from Final FantasyEdit

"Final Fantasy"
Final Fantasy 20020220
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"Final Fantasy" performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, is included on this concert recording.

More Friends - Music from Final FantasyEdit

"Final Fantasy" is included on this live recording of an orchestral concert, performed by The World Festival Symphony Orchestra conducted by Arnie Roth at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California on May 16th, 2005.


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